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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Camouflage Nails with the LCN Urban Expression Box Set

Today I have some nail art to share that I'm very excited about -- camouflage nails! I've seen some great camouflage nail art before, but was very careful not to take another look at any of it before I started mine. I wanted them to be as influence-free as possible!

These nails were actually inspired by the colors I used: the LCN Urban Expression box set. When I opened the box and saw all four of the shades together, I just couldn't split them up! They looked too good next to each other. I thought they'd make a gorgeous camo pattern, and I got started right away.

I began with a base of Paris Chic, which is described by LCN as a "nougat beige." It's a bit darker than what I'd consider a nude, but is somewhere in that neighborhood. Then, using my medium length striper brush, I added on some random camouflage shapes using New York Glam, a dark and dusty green shade. Making sure to keep it from getting too crowded, I continued adding shapes in Tokyo Expression, a dark gray, and London Beat, a shade described by LCN as a "delicate rose smoke." Finally, I went back in with Paris Chic to add what looked like a bit more negative space.

As far as formula, these were all great. Based on my nail art experience with them, they should only need two coats for opacity. They applied well and were creamy & smooth.

There was a bit of a learning curve with the nail art. The first pass that I did ended up making them look too linear, when they needed to look more random. The great thing about this design though is you can add on without ruining the effect! I just made some shapes fatter, made some connect with each other, and used other polishes to change the shapes of the layers below.

The LCN Urban Expression Collection is available now on Individual polishes (8mL) retail for $7.50 each and the quad sells for $29.90.

The products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. Fantastic camo! Those colors are gorgeous.

  2. This is amazing!! O.o Beautiful job holy moly guacamole!! <3

  3. You are so talented, it is almost annoying! LOL But not annoying because then we all get to look at your gorgeous creations/nails!

  4. They look great! Camo is on my nail art to-do list too since my guy is a former Marine :) He asked me to do it once as a joke, but I will surprise him one day LOL

  5. This is so amazing! Really clever :)

  6. Beautiful as always! Your pictures are so amazing every time. I wish I had better pictures ^^

  7. omg! they look so good! I can't belive they are made with polishes and not a tatoo ! You are a master!

  8. Wow! They are amazing, much better than my attempt!

  9. You are an amazing artist! What a great justice you did to our lacquer! Thank you!

  10. These are amazing - definitely going to try them out!

  11. This is amazing, I linked it in my weekly favorites: moonchild


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