Thursday, September 22, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 22: Inspired by a Song

I've had my song picked for this day for a LOOONG time. I thought it would make a really awesome mani, if I could capture both the spirit of the song and the singer in an accurate way. The song I picked was...


Tik Tok by Ke$ha!

Now, this mani has a lot going on, so I'm gonna do a breakdown of each nail for you.

My thumb was inspired by Ke$ha's crazy eye makeup. I did the pattern by putting some black polish at the top of the nail, and then putting some clear polish on a nail art brush and then pulling the black down along with the clear. 

China Glaze - For Audrey and Liquid Leather

This photo in particular was what gave me the idea to do this nail:


My pointer was sort of just inspired by Ke$ha herself. Glitter everywhere, sort of dark and dirty, just having a fun time and partying all day and all night! The nail art glitter came in a set that I ordered on eBay for a few bucks. I stuck it on with some clear polish and then put topcoat over it.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Gunmetal + nail art glitter

My middle finger is... a GRUNGY JACK DANIELS LABEL! How cool is that? This was the genius idea of Rebecca's from Rebecca Likes Nails. I wasn't sure I could do it but her faith in me was inspiring! I know it's not perfect but it does actually look like it to me, especially from arms length. This was obviously inspired by the line in the song, "Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack." I freehanded this with a sewing needle.

China Glaze Liquid Leather and White On White

My fourth finger was inspired by the title of the song - Tik Tok. As you can see, it's a pair of clock hands over a sponged gradient. I freehanded the hands with a square end nail art brush. The sponging was done with a triangle makeup sponge.

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze High Hopes
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Instant Iris
China Glaze Liquid Leather

My pinky is my favorite nail of all of these! I did a splatter mani for the first time, which involves dipping a straw into some polish and then dramatically blowing it on to the nail (which I prepped with a few coats of white). Then I topped it with Lynnderella Connect the Dots, a super special franken beauty that I got my hands on recently.

China Glaze Sky High Top
Sinful Colors 24/7
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise
Lynnderella Connect the Dots

PHEW! That was a lot of imagery and explanation! What do you guys think? Did I capture all of the sides of Ke$ha and this awesome party song? I had so much fun making this mani and the craziness of this nail mix is just so appealing to me!



  1. Kesha is always looking trashy to me!! I love her music though-just don't tell anyone I said that!!! Love this mani

  2. This is awesome. I never would have thought of something like this!

  3. I really love this!! I love how all the nails are different but they go together so nicely! :)

  4. you nailed it! I wish I had the time/desire to change out my mani daily, I do it twice a week but this just looks like so much fun! Maybe next year?

  5. wow. You just get more ridiculously awesome each day. I am now off to sulk :( xx

  6. Love the pinky splatter the best! But the Jack Daniel's is definitely impressive. I think you need to do the splatter mani in full!

  7. Great manicure! I am unfamiliar with the song but I love the nails!


  8. Thank you so much everyone!

    @Andrea, don't worry, a full splatter/Connect the Dots mani is already on my list of future manis!

  9. Looks great! I especially loved your pinky nails design too!

  10. this is gorgeous!! you def nailed it!!

  11. Wow! You nailed this!

  12. Wow this looks great! The thump the pointer and the pinky are my favourites! And the bottle of jack is so cute;-)

  13. Oh, this looks really amazing! love it :)

  14. So colorful and intricate-amazing! Great mani, I love each nail individually and it's awesome in combination!


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