Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chocolate Cherry Stripes - Zoya Cashmere Nail Art

The Zoya Cashmere Collection brings all the warmth and richness of fall that you would expect, boasting deep jewel tones and cozy browns. In today's nail art, I've combined three of the shades in a simple striped manicure.

When I first opened up this collection, it was a given that I would be using Zoya Louise and Zoya Flynn together in some nail art. The chocolate brown of Louise just paired too beautifully with Flynn's camel color for me not to.

But then, the question was which other shade to add into the mix! Pepper, the brick red from the collection, would lend a Burberry feel, while Hunter, a forest green, would make the look more earthy. In the end, I selected Zoya Livingston, a cherry red, because I thought the pop of bold color would look great with the neutral browns.

I know I can't resist a color palette that reminds me of chocolate covered cherries, either...

I painted all of my nails with two coats of Livingston. I then sealed them in with topcoat and let them dry completely before moving on to the next steps of this manicure.

Using nail art striping tape, I created some differently sized horizontal stripes on all of my nails. I also made sure that the stripes were positioned in different spots on each nail.

Then, using a small nail art brush, I painted alternating stripes of Louise and Flynn within the guides of my tape. When I removed the tape, clean stripes remained! A final layer of topcoat and the manicure was finished.

I like the consistent-yet-inconsistent aspect of this manicure. All of the nails match together perfectly, but they don't match together perfectly, you know what I mean?

It's perfectly imperfect, I think.

The Zoya Cashmere Collection is available now on, where each shade retails for $8.


  1. It is reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries, you're right! I can't help but see a cozy sweater, though. :)

  2. Yum yum yum! Good thing I just made a trip to See's Candy today or I would have to get in my car right now. (I'm trying to be "good" and not keep too much chocolate at home, hence the trips.)

  3. sooo pretty and i LOVE the colors!

  4. Hi...hope you don't mind a quick question. On beautiful tape manis like these, I pretty much always see a statement similar to the one you wrote above: "using a small nail art brush, I painted alternating stripes of Louise and Flynn within the guides of my tape." What I always wonder is what direction do you paint the polish between the tape guidelines? The usual from the cuticle end towards the tip end? I've tried that and careful as I am, the "small nail art brush" has a little tip that will just flick over the thin strip of color striping tape, leaving a bit of unwanted color in another section. If I brush from nail wall to nail wall, it fills in the intended section between color striping tapes, but 1) feels odd because it goes against the "natural" way we paint our nails and, 2) can dry leave paint strokes behind (especially if using a metallic or frosty polish) that prevents a cohesive feel to the look of the design. Or does top coat make a non-issue out of the brush strokes direction? Thank you! Delphi

  5. Gorgeous! I'm craving chocolate covered cherries now ;)

  6. Fortalezajb IluminadaSeptember 14, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    Linda esmaltação!!!!!!!!! unhas ficaram magníficas.


  7. perfect manicure, colors look so gorgeous . whatever u do comes out perfect :)

  8. Hi Delphi! I paint horizontally. I've never had any issues with brush strokes because I usually am using creme polishes, plus the Seche Vite topcoat evens everything out at the end. If you prefer to paint vertically and get tiny flicks on the outside of your tape, clean your brush off with acetone, then dip it in a tiny bit of acetone and use it as a paintbrush "eraser". Be careful though because if you use too much acetone it will ding your base color.

  9. Thank you so much! You've no idea how helpful your answer was. Very appreciated! Delphi

  10. Great response! This helps me too.

  11. These colors go perfectly together. Great job!

  12. Great combo of colors! Your stripes look very neat :)


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