Friday, October 17, 2014

Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection Swatches: September and October (Glossy & Matte)

Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection Swatches via @chalkboardnails

Cirque's newest offering is their Metropolis collection: a series of creme nail polishes inspired by New York City. There are new polishes added to the line every month, and today's swatches cover the September and October releases. These polishes are all normal glossy cremes, but since I'm obsessed with all things matte, I wanted to share the shades with a matte topcoat as well. I think they all translate beautifully to matte.

NYFW was the release in September. It's a gorgeous, rich deep cobalt shade. It's a little darker than some of the other cobalts in my range. The formula was great and it covered nicely at two coats.

I've used Essie Matte About You as the matte topper in the second swatch.

Cirque Colors NYFW via @chalkboardnails
Cirque Colors NYFW (with matte topcoat) via @chalkboardnails

Concrete Jungle is a concrete grey creme. Nice formula, covered evenly in two coats. This is a great and versatile shade, and would be a great manicure choice to complement any fall wardrobe!

Cirque Colors Concrete Jungle via @chalkboardnails
Cirque Colors Concrete Jungle (with matte topcoat) via @chalkboardnails

La Vie Boheme is a black cherry creme. I wore this one as a full manicure, and I kept trying to pin the name of the color throughout the day... Was it plum? Was it raisin? Then finally... BLACK CHERRY! It was the perfect descriptor, to me. It's a very deep shade, looks very dark on the hand, but never so dark as to look black. Two coats.

Cirque Colors La Vie Boheme via @chalkboardnails
Cirque Colors La Vie Boheme (with matte topcoat) via @chalkboardnails

The Metropolis collection is available now on, where each shade retails for $13. Be sure to keep an eye out for the November release, which should be hitting blogs soon!


  1. Gorgeous colors and love seeing them both glossy and matte.

  2. That gray polish is so beautiful!

  3. NYFW is GORGEOUS matte! I think I like it better matte than glossy.

  4. OMG that blue polish matte-ified! I'm throwing money at my screen, when is it getting here? lol!

  5. The mattefied version is so up my alley. I was just complaining on my blog that Italian brands have a hard time understanding the true meaning of the word "matte". Satin, at most... Cirque is such a great brand!

  6. All the nail shades are amazing, I love the matte finish. They would go with every single AW14 outfit. 😍

  7. Ohh! I really like La Vie Bohem matted. Mattified? Uh, either way you put it, I like it hahaha

  8. That matte blue is one of the most eye catching polishes I've seen on the internet today! (And I've been on the internet allllll day. LOL)

  9. instagram followers

    so nice and amazing nailarts... love it..

  10. I can't really say why, but I somehow prefer these shades matte. Especially the blue is to die for *__*

  11. Loooove that you've shown these matte!

  12. I am soooo glad to have found your beautiful site! It's so hard to come by ideas for nails that are both amazingly unique yet classy and wearable for an adult~ha! Thank you very much and love how creative and talented your nail art is girl :)

  13. Wow.. the blue looks so classy!

  14. NYFW mattified is love. Wow!


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