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CND Shellac Startstruck Collection and Creative Play Celebration Collection for Holiday 2016

CND Shellac Starstruck Collection @chalkboardnails
Whether you wear Shellac or regular nail polish, this holiday, CND has you covered with a variety of colors and textures in seasonally festive shades!

Thank you to CND for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

The Shellac Starstruck collection is glitzy and glamorous and perfect for the holiday season. We use exclusively Shellac at the spa that I work at, and I am so excited for us to add these shades to our lineup. Inspired by gemstones, there's a shade in this collection for everyone.

CND Shellac - Alluring Amethyst, 2 coats
A pretty purple base with plenty of silver glitters in small and medium sizes.
CND Shellac Alluring Amethyst @chalkboardnails

CND Shellac - Blushing Topaz, 2 coats
Blushing Topaz has rosy pink glitters in a clear base. While this shade will layer well over other Shellac colors, I do like the way it looks at two coats alone! It almost has a hammered metal texture when it catches the light.
CND Shellac Blushing Topaz @chalkboardnails

CND Shellac - Dark Diamonds, 2 coats
Dark Diamonds is my favorite in this collection! It looks like snow falling at night, or glittering asphalt. I know this one is going to be huge with clients.
CND Shellac Dark Diamonds @chalkboardnails

CND Shellac - Emerald Lights, 2 coats
Emerald Lights is a stunning rich green with small glitters and a fine shimmer.
CND Shellac Emerald Lights @chalkboardnails

CND Shellac - Garnet Glamour, 2 coats
Ok, so just look at this one. Perfect Christmas shade, right? So glowy.
CND Shellac Garnet Glamour @chalkboardnails

CND Shellac - Starry Sapphire, 2 coats
A blurple with a mix of sparkling glitters. There are beautiful iridescent glitters in there as well, but they hid from my camera a bit!
CND Shellac Starry Sapphire @chalkboardnails

What do you think of these shades? Are you a Blushing Topaz kinda gal, or more on the Dark Diamonds end of the spectrum?

The Shellac Starstruck Collection will be available for Holiday 2016. Visit cnd.com to locate a Shellac certified pro near you.

Now, let's get ready to check out the Creative Play Celebration Collection nail lacquers...

CND Creative Play Celebration Collection @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Foiled Again, two coats
This yellow gold foil shade is super eye catching and unique. A bold take on holiday metallics for the gal that wants to do things a little differently!
CND Creative Play - Foiled Again @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Happy Holly Day, two coats
A beautiful holly green. I've been completely obsessed with this type of green shade lately (especially for pedicures!).
CND Creative Play - Happy Holly Day @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Naughty or Vice, two coats
A deep, moody plum.
CND Creative Play - Naughty or Vice @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Revelry Red, two coats
A fun and unique play on the traditional holiday red! This one adds a bit of candy apple shimmer and some small glitters.
CND Creative Play - Revelry Red @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Extravaglint, one coat over Happy Holly Day
Tinsel glitter! So fun for Christmas and New Years!
CND Creative Play - Extravaglint @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - RSVPlum, two coats
A unique pink metallic with an interesting satin-looking shine.
CND Creative Play - RSVPlum @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Stellarbration, one coat over Naughty or Vice
A fun mix of silver and gold glitters with stars! This one is my favorite from the Creative Play shades. It's so versatile and perfect for the season.
CND Creative Play - Stellarbration @chalkboardnails

CND Creative Play - Turquoise Tidings, two coats
This shade was definitely a surprise for a holiday collection. It has a blue tinted jelly base with iridescent glitters and mylar flakes. There is a lot going on in here, so try to keep your coats thin and even when applying to avoid a thick finish.
CND Creative Play - Turquoise Tidings @chalkboardnails

My picks for this collection are Revelry Red, Stellarbration, and Happy Holly Day, though it was fun to see unexpected shades like Turquoise Tidings and Foiled again in a holiday set!

The Creative Play Celebration Collection is available this month in select salons and retail stores for a suggested retail price of $7.50.

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