Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glitter Gal - Daybreak

Today I've got the last of my Glitter Gal swatches to share with you guys. This final polish is called Daybreak, and is a part of the Soft line (which is part of the Shade Shifters line). This one is actually pretty similar to Last Light in its base coloring. They differ in finish though; while Last Light was more of a glass fleck, this one is a standard shimmer/multichromatic polish. The "flash" color is also slightly varied. This one is a kind of blueish shimmer while Last Light was more green or teal.

First let's take a look at it on its own. This swatch shows three coats.

As you can see, it's a deep brick red base color with blue flash. At an angle, the blue changes and you can see hints of pink and purple.

As with Last Light, Daybreak is completely transformed when layering it over black. When layered, the multichrome stands out much more, and the look is much darker (obviously) and more dramatic. Here is one coat over a standard black creme...

Quite pretty, yeah? I like this color but it can be a touch brushstroke-y at times. Overall though, if you are into multichromatic polishes that can also be worn alone, it is definitely worth consideration!

Daybreak is 15mL and retails for $17.95 on Ninja Polish and other similar retailers. 

This product was sent to me for review.


  1. Gorgeous, both on it's own and layered.

  2. Wow! Sarah, those pictures are AMAZING! That 4th and 5th photo that show the colours at different angles is just stunning. Nice work!

  3. Super pretty but a bit pricey.

  4. You've done it again Chalkboard nails. Just amazing. Thank you for the beautiful review. Kerry and Anna, Glitter Gal :)

  5. okkkk i didnt care about these before but OMG must have... gorgeous pix!

  6. Aw last one..it's soooooo pretty!! :D

  7. I dunno, I think it looks a bit weird alone, and over black it looks so... average? Like any other multichrome? Your swatches make it look so much more desireable though :)

  8. Over black I feel like I've seen it before. Alone it looks more like a frost. Love that you can get two looks from one polish though. Great swatches


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