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Friday, November 11, 2011

Carmen Miranda Ruffle Mani

Good morning dear readers! Today I have a rather intense and fabulous mani to share with you. Let's just dive right in! Without further ado, I give you ...*drumroll*... the Carmen Miranda Ruffle Dress Mani!

If you are scratching your head right now and asking "What the hell is this?" then you should check out my inspiration - Carmen Miranda, the fruit hat lady! (Well, apparently this photo is of a lookalike. But you get the idea.)

Anyway I actually did this mani before I decided that it looked like a cha-cha ruffle skirt, but that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is... IT DOES! And I love it!

Okay, now I suppose I should list the polishes I used. I better take a deep breath first.

In order from base coat to tip of the nail:
Color Club - Pucci-licious
Color Club - Twiggie
Color Club - Poptastic
Color Club - Almost Famous
Zoya - Robyn
Color Club - Wham! Pow!
Rimmel - Wild Orchid
OPI - Who the Shrek Are You?

I accomplished this look with the help of a large dotting tool. I started with the base coat of Pucci-licious, and then added the row of dots closest to the cuticle in Twiggie. Then on top of that, I added Poptastic so it was overlapping the row below it a bit. I continued that process until the whole nail was covered in ruffles. It created a really pretty scalloped look that has a lot of impact.

I hope you guys liked today's mani, I've got to go cha cha into the sunset! See you next time!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this :) I thought you might have used scalloped scissors and scotch tape but a dotting tool makes so much sense and I think I will have to add it to my list of things to try :) xo

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!! I also love that the little bit of color drag from one color to the next gives it a bit of shading.

  3. A dotting tool!! I was staring at this mani on tumblr for so long thinking "Did she really handpaint this? Impossible!". I had to come over to your blog and get the scoop.


  4. WOW! it looks freaking amazing! great idea & I'd definitely try sth similar if I had any nail art skills :)

  5. Well look at you! Very creative and I want to sport them ASAP! They look so great!

  6. So cool! Looks like it took patience! :)

  7. Sarah, Sarah, Saarah... I'm totally in love with your nails! since a month since that I visit you blog daily! I read every word very carefully!
    congratulate yourself! you do a WONDERFUL job!
    I wonder if you accept make an interview to be posted on my blog ( it's about nails also (of course not as perfectly as yours, but it's about nails). I'd be totally happy! Please, if you say yes, pleeeeeeease send an email to me (
    with looooove, maria clara x

  8. This is really cool! Got to love the chiquita banana girl! HAHA!

  9. That looks beautiful! You did a really great job and it looks so neat. (:

  10. That is fantastic! Going to add this to the list of manis I have to try! Xx

  11. LOVE it! You should watch this video while you look at your manicure:

  12. So intense, but still pretty and not over the top, love it!

  13. Very cool! I might be able to do this one!

  14. This is fantastic <3 definately going to try this :)

  15. such a cool mani!! love that you used a dotting tool to create this!

  16. That is HANDS DOWN the cutest thing i have ever seen on nail! seriously... it's beautiful
    what a job well done!

  17. I don't like this mani... I love it! It's really awesome! Amazing job!

  18. ZOMG! This is my all time favorite that you have done! I'm inspired now! I need top do this... It reminds me more of a Missoni sweater or the limited edition flip flops that Missoni for Havaianas came out with this past summer.. I didn't get my pair which made me very sad... Wow, great job!...p.s.sorry to fo on and on, lol!

  19. Awesome! Smart to use dotting tools!

  20. Reminds me of the Missoni for Target collection, but cuter!

  21. This looks awesome, definitely trying it next time I have a couple of hours to spare!


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