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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hungry Asian's Sneeze Breeze

I imagine that if you aren't aware of the indie brand The Hungry Asian, you are probably quite confused by the title of this post.

But, fear not dear friend! I will get you in the loop!

I only own one THA polish, but it is kind of sort of my dream polish. I give you... SNEEZE BREEZE!

Sneeze Breeze is a really intense glitter polish. The glitter pieces are similar in size to Floam by Nail-venturous Nail Lacquer... VERY SMALL. Think small like sand. It's fantastic. Similar to Floam, this glitter is not sparkly, either.

The polish is a mix of sparrow blue pieces and black pieces. Say it with me now, "SARAH LOVES BLACK GLITTER." I think everyone knows that by now but if you don't, I just dropped a bit of Chalkboard Nails 101 on you there. Sneeze Breeze is really bright and gorgeous, vibrant and moody.

The application of this polish proved to be kind of tricky. These swatches are only two coats, so it is very dense, but it is also incredibly thick. You definitely need to give this one some attention when you are applying.

In addition, it is probably one of the hungriest glitters I have ever met. I used two coats of Gelous and one coat of SV, and by the next morning it was already slightly bumpy again. Not VERY bumpy, but slightly.

I had wanted to buy this back when it was a part of THA's Holiday Set, but I couldn't justify buying three other polishes to get my grubby little mitts on Sneeze Breeze. Thankfully, Kae started selling it alone recently, along with a number of other new polishes! I snatched it up immediately and once it was delivered, I carried it around the house with me. Let's recall my Gollum analogy from a bit ago, cause it was kind of like that.

Sneeze Breeze retails for $8.50 for a 12ml bottle on The Hungry Asian's Etsy store. SB is cruelty free and 3-free. I highly recommend it -- it is more than worth the little bit of extra care you have to give it in application and topcoating.


  1. Sosososo gorgeous I love it!! The colour is amazing and I can't believe you got it to be opaque in two coats!

  2. This is really pretty!!! And yes, I was confused by the title of the post, lol. Thanks for sharing ;0).

  3. prettiest blue i've seen! some like it haute by china glaze is a top coat monster too, it's craziness lol

  4. Oh Lord! This is gorgeous! Another indie brand to love! Plus I am a huge glitter fan!

  5. I am falling madly for black glitter as well. And white and SQUARE. I have square glitter on right now. Amazing :)

  6. I really love that you have been showing us "homemade" nail polishes! I love looking for different places to get them! This one is beautiful!!! I LOVE BLUE!

  7. I had the same GRITTY issue,after 3 coats of top coat, it was still gritty so I applied a 4th that morning...Ugghh! But it is GORGEOUS!!!! Great pics!

  8. beautiful Sarah!
    I caved and did order the whole holiday set lol

  9. Seriously a very beautiful polish!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. I love this color. How do you get your cuticle line so straight and perfect??

  11. Gorge! I'm a sucker for a pretty blue polish.

  12. Brat - now I had to go get it :-P - really though I am excited about this polish and went straight over to Etsy and bought 2 colors. Thanks for the awesome (as always) review.

  13. It seems a blue marble fragment.. *.* Definitely love it, nothing more to say!

  14. The blue glitter is gorgeous !! i love this color !
    its look wonderful on you ;)
    i wait you ;)

  15. Ooooh, I want it, I want it!!! So pretty.

  16. Black glitter is very cool, but I think I'm attracted to all non-sparkly glitter. Such a cool effect. I'm sure so many thick coats were a pain in the arse, but it looks like your nails are 3D. :)

  17. This nail polish is gorgeous! I loved the color.

  18. what a gorgeous color!
    I have a question - what on earth is gelous? I hear about it all the time in the nail-art-blogging community but I can't figure out what its supposed to be used for!

    1. Gelous is naturally a base coat, but it is used a lot as a topcoat over "hungry glitter" to try to smooth it out. It does a good job of keeping the glitter from being too bumpy, especially when it is used under another topcoat like Seche Vite.


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