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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty and Polished Swing

Who wants to see another handmade polish? It seems like all I do on here lately is indie polish and nail art. Not that I'm complaining! They are two of my favorite facets of the nail community.

Check out Swing by Pretty and Polished. Swing is meant to reference swing music, as in "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." For some reason though, I can't get past thinking of a playground swing whenever I think of the name. Personal problem.

Swing is a red jelly polish that tends to look slightly pink at times. Black, white, and silver glitter are suspended in the tasty jelly. I only got one piece of silver glitter in this mani -- it's on my pointer near the middle.

The great thing about this polish is you get a jelly sandwich contained within one polish! You get to see pieces of glitter buried at different depths... check out my middle finger. See the glitter that looks pink? Look how DEEP it is under the jelly! And then the pieces towards the top look more white. It's great!

This polish does require a bit of finessing to get the glitter evenly placed and looking nice. This is basically three coats of Swing. I say basically because I applied the first coat pretty much normally. Then I fished out pieces of glitter and placed them at will... and then I kind of evened that out with more of the jelly.

The little bit of extra time that this polish requires is worth it, though. This is one of my most favorite Pretty and Polished creations since Party On My Yacht. You know how I feel about black glitter. ;)

THEN, since I was feeling extra sassy, I mattified this polish (edit: I use Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love). It turned out really neat because it sort of started looking like one of those rubber bouncy balls with stuff suspended in them. Do you know what I'm talking about? I tried finding a pic but none of them were quite right. Anyway, it made it look rubbery and it was cool. See?

Swing can be purchased at Pretty and Polished, and is usually available in both full and mini sizes. It's three free and cruelty free, and sexy to boot. So, get to buying. If you like jelly sandwiches and black and white glitter, I'll go ahead and assume that you've left to go to the shop and you aren't even reading anymore.


  1. love this! great post as well!

  2. Mattified, it is awesome!!!! Love it!

  3. So pretty and squishy and delicious. Love it.

  4. Bought it! Which matte polish do you use?

  5. Just ordered this and Midnight Rider from Pretty and Polished, thanks to your awesome post. Thank you for introducing me to such lovelies!!

  6. Very cute! I won a mini of Swing in a giveaway, but haven't tried it out yet.

  7. mind telling us what you used to make it matte? havent found a good matte polish yet...

    1. So sorry, I forgot to include that! I use Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love. I have heard Essie Matte About You is good too!

    2. My favorite matte top coat is Hard Candy Mattely in Love!

  8. looks so cool def like one of those bouncy balls.

  9. Thanks everyone It looks lovely on you Sarah. I want to steal your nails lol

  10. So pretty! & I fell in love once you mattified it!

  11. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want...HaHa). health


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