Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty and Polished Beach Duo

Hi guys! Today I've got the Pretty and Polished Beach Duo to share with you.

First up is Beach Bunny, a neon orange-pink jelly base with lots of white, pink, and silver glitter. I tried my best to get this color accurate you guys, but the neon freaked my camera out a little bit. I think I got really close though... if anything, this polish is just a smidgen more pink. If you have China Glaze Surfin for Boys, I imagine that would make a good companion base for this as they are very similar in color.

The base color of this polish makes the pink glitters look a bit dark, almost helping to create a sandy texture in conjunction with the smaller white glitters. I've shown two coats of Beach Bunny alone here.

I had no problems with application, especially for such a glitter heavy polish. One thing to note is that when this polish dries, the jelly base dries down flatter and the glitters remain on top. You will need a few coats of topcoat to even this one out. I've used two for this swatch.

The second polish in this duo is Beach Bum, a beautiful blue and green glitterbomb! There are large, medium, and small hexes, squares, micro glitters... it's a glitter party! I've shown two coats of Beach Bum alone here, but this would also make a great layering polish. It's very dense. 

Because of the massive amounts of glitter in this, it can be a bit tricky to apply evenly. You should definitely wait for each coat to dry before adding your next one. Be patient when applying, it's worth it!  I mean, just look at the complexity!

I do have a kind of strange tip to offer you that can smooth this (or any dense glitter polish) out a bit. Apply all your coats, wait for them to dry most of the way, and then lick your finger and pat the polish down lightly. You want the polish to still be moldable but you don't want it to stick to your finger when you touch it (licking your finger helps with this, too). This can even out any lumps that you may have ended up with before you go to topcoat.

I love this duo! I think they make great companions to one another. They kinda have the masculine/feminine thing going on when put together, which is reinforced by their names. The colors are vibrant and fun, perfect for summer.

Pretty and Polished is sold on Etsy. Check the Pretty and Polished Facebook page for restock information and other news.

The products in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR.


  1. WOO I Need beach bum in my life :( It looks perfect.. x

  2. Oh, both of these are awesome and really cute! However... I LOVE BEACH BUNNY! :) <3 :)

  3. I've been doing the "lick your finger and pat" method for years! I thought I was the only one. It works amazingly!

  4. Beach Bum is gorgeous!! So is Beach Bunny, but it's shadowed by BB's greatness.

    I've also been doing the pat method for ages! I don't lick my finger, I just wait until it is mostly dry and sort of squish the glitters down.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who licks their finger to pat the polish down haha :)

  6. Wow, Beach Bum is gorgeous.. so much glitter.
    I love the swatches!

  7. Licking scares me but I will try the patting with the finger. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. the two are GORGEOUS! but I prefer the first one with this perfect color!

  9. Ooh I like that first one! I do the finger lick thing too haha

  10. i lick my finger to smooth out polish boo-boos as well as glitter, too! patting down chunky glitter is a must. i do that with the milani gem fx (that's what they're called, right?). those ones are so thick!!

  11. beach bum!! i need you,,, the polish,,, :)

  12. I thought I was the only one doing the lick-trick as well ;). Hehe! It works like a charm! I live them both so much!

  13. These are gorgeous. Bit bummed I missed the preorder for this pretties. I hope she is able to do a restock sometime in August.

  14. They're both pretty, but my fav is beach bunny, relly beautiful!

    Already following you!

  15. Both are so pretty! I can't imagine its an easy removal though!

  16. SO CUTE! I have these and need to wear them...loved the swatches and how they look on your nails!

    Thanks for the tip lol, I've been patting down some lumps (not licking my finger tho) figuring that the topcoat will erase any fingerprints.

    I absolutely LOVE all the new glitter bombs but my fingernails are anything but smooth--which is ok by me. My current mani is pretty bumpy lol.


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