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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ectoplasmic Watercolor Manicure

It's Friday, and I've got another Halloween manicure for you! This manicure is meant to look spooky and eerily ethereal, like spirits floating around on Halloween night.

These absolutely make me think of Slimer from Ghostbusters, who is apparently made entirely of ectoplasm. I didn't originally know what he was made of, but it works out great because I had already been referring to it as an ectoplasm manicure in my head.

This manicure was done using only two colors and the watercolor technique. For the base, I used American Apparel Hassid. The green is LCN Fanappleistic. You can find a tutorial for the watercolor method on Beauty Geeks.

If you're not into the "Slimer look," try thinking of these as jellyfish in the deep ocean!

Tomorrow's post is another Halloween design. Till then, have a nice Friday!


  1. Ummmm this is SO AWESOME! I love it! So eerie!

  2. Ooooh looks like a scary Chalkboard!!

  3. WOW so incredible! I want to do that!!!!

  4. Very nice :) Have to try that technique.

  5. This looks great, almost a bit 3D like. I have to try this watercolor technique.

  6. This is AWESOME! Oh my wow, Looks like you've blown bubbles and let them pop on your nails!

    Jazz x

  7. baaah! being a marine life geek i totally see jellyfish! love it

  8. Neat technique! My first thought when I saw this in my bloglovin feed was a baby ultrasound (which is also cool and eerie for a nail design!)

  9. Brilliant, haven't seen anything done like this before x

  10. Great name - cannot say I like it - but would work for many for an easy to do Halloween costume mani

  11. I think jellyfish in the ocean is the best description. Especially looking at the ring and pinkie!

  12. Wow! And the second one from left to right looks like a dinosaur! Anyone?

  13. So perfect, Sarah! I was totally thinking jellyfish when I first saw your photo on Facebook! Oh, and I love your new-to-me slogan ;)

  14. Spooky looking! If not being ectoplasm it could be smoke or fog in the night! :D

  15. Could you leave an adress to your video on YouTube, so I easily could see how to make your pretty nails??

    1. Hi Tina DK, you can find my channel at, though I don't often post videos.

  16. I was totally thinking jellyfish, too. =)

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