Tuesday, February 19, 2013

piCture pOlish Starry Night by Llarowe

There's a new piCture pOlish collaboration shade in town and it's called Starry Night! This collaborative shade was made with Llarowe and it's really quite lovely.

Starry Night is a charcoal jelly scattered holo with multicolor sparks. I found that the formula was super cooperative and just the right consistency. I used three thin coats for my swatch, though if you apply your coats a bit thicker you will probably only need two. It has a very smooth, non lumpy finish and dries to a high shine.

I love the irregularly shaped flecks in this.

Here is Starry Night in direct light.

Of course we can't forget the classic piCture pOlish bottle!

Starry Night is 11mL and is available through Llarowe for $14.50 and via the piCture pOlish website for AUD$12.00. No other US or Canadian stockists will have this shade as it will be exclusive to Llarowe. You can also follow Llarowe on Facebook and piCture pOlish on Facebook.

Product sent for review.


  1. wow! this polish is gorgeous! i love dark colors and this is just perfect!

  2. Oh that's super pretty. Me want! lol

  3. Reminds me of Storm by Zoya. Pretty!

  4. Fun! Would be the perfect background for some galaxy nail art. :)

  5. Stunning swatches as always and it looks gorgeous on you! Thank you so much!

  6. I love black polish with glitter! And this is no exception! <3

  7. Beautiful swatch!! <3
    Like I said already: WANT! :)
    Have to consider starting my own PP collection hehe

  8. Love your swatches of Starry Night Sarah! <3 :) *cuddles with your nails which isn't creepy at all*

  9. Oh wow I love this! It's like the easiest way to get galaxy nails!

  10. Beautiful, reminds me of scratches.

  11. So, so great! I ,love black nails :)

  12. Ahojda. Moc se mi líbí tvůj blog! Ráda bych Tě pozvala na můj web, který je zaměřen především na poruchy příjmu potravy, ale pozor- ne thinspo, ba právě naopak.Najde tam recepty, které nikde jinde nenajdeš..převážně clean eating, tipy, články postřehy...a v brzké době se rozjede projekt na pomoc lidem s PPP, jen čekáme s kamarádkou, kdy ho schválí krasna.cz. Na blog určitě mrkni, každopádně si tam najdeš to "svoje". A pokud by se ti u mě opravdu moc líbilo, můžeš se přidat mezi mé Followers aneb pravidelné čtenáře (v levém sloupci mého blogu). Přeju krásný zbytek dne. Andie


  13. Love it ! One question if you don't mind...Is it charcoal grey, black or slightly brown ? Looks sort of brownish somehow on my computer screen...
    Thanks for your amazing swatches (you've got such beautiful nails...), you're a reference for me.

  14. Just wanted to say I found your blog last night and I am a little addicted. Your nails are gorgeous and so neat!! I love the designs. I have pinned some to my nail art board so I can attempt to copy them - I have credited your blog so I hope you don't mind?

  15. So cool it reminded me so much of a night full of stars.


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