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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Louis Vuitton Pattern Freehand Nail Art

Louis Vuitton Pattern Freehand Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

Today is "inspired by a color" day in the 31 Day Challenge. I always take this prompt to mean "take inspiration from a polish color," particularly drawing inspiration from the name. This year, I reached for China Glaze's Lug Your Designer Baggage from the All Aboard collection for Fall 2014.

Louis Vuitton Pattern Freehand Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

Nail polishes used:
China Glaze Lug Your Designer Baggage
Deborah Lippmann Autumn In New York

My inspiration for this look came from Michelle's review of the collection on All Lacquered Up. She mentioned that the name of the polish, plus the color in it, reminded her of a Louis Vuitton trunk. The color alone is really interesting -- it's a dark brown with golden flecks. I needed two coats for coverage.

I initially had trouble creating this pattern, and even came close to giving up on the look entirely. I posted my pinky on Instagram, intending to show off the one nail that had turned out well, but felt so encouraged by everyone's comments that I decided to try it one more time. My final attempt was passable, so here we are!

Louis Vuitton Pattern Freehand Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

Louis Vuitton Pattern Freehand Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

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  1. That is amazing. I love it!

  2. You have the best talent in the nailart community. This is awesome.

  3. This is so gorgeous! You are amazing!!

  4. This is way beyond passable, what a beautiful manicure! You did a fabulous job on this freehand and I think it looks fantastic. I'd be super proud if I had painted this. I love that pretty brown polish and it has that weathered used antiquey look to it with the gold flecks.

  5. Super cute! I'm going to attempt this.


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