Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dandy Nails Winter Collection

Today we're going to be taking a gander at the Dandy Nails Winter Collection! It consists of five polishes, and I think they all fit nicely together without being too similar.

Bory-Alice is a lovely thing. It's blackened jelly base accented with blue to purple duochromatic flecks was opaque for me in three coats. Application was easy and it did show a bit of extra sparkle in person!

Cashmere Night is a matte finish purple polish with bits of blue and pink added for visual interest. I think the name is totally apt and it's cool to see some indies coming out with polishes of varied finishes. Cashmere Night went on pretty well. I used three coats to smooth out a few minor bumps but it was opaque in two.

Here is Cashmere Night with topcoat.

Chilled Down is a cream colored jelly base with blue and gold flakes. This is my very favorite in the collection! I only needed two coats for the opacity below and the formula was quite easy to work with. I think the color combinations in this polish are just lovely, and the gold breathes a nice bit of energy into the mix.

Highest Ground is a frosty baby blue with blue microshimmer. The photo shows three coats. While I'm not usually a fan of frosts, I found myself admiring this one on my nails. It looks very wintry, like soft, newly fallen snow and a blue sky. Makes me want to go skiing! The other plus is that, unlike most frosts, I did not have visible brushstrokes!

Finally, we have Moonglow, a gunmetal metallic shade with a faint holographic effect. I needed two coats for opacity in person, but for photographs I used three coats. It applied quite nicely!

Here is Moonglow in direct light.

Which ones are calling your name? I've gotta give it up to Chilled Down and Bory-Alice personally, but I love the variation of finishes and effects in this collection!

You can buy Dandy Nails from the Dandy Nails Etsy shop or on Ninja Polish. You can also visit the brand's Facebook page for more information and all the latest news!

Products provided for review.


  1. Love love love cashmere night.
    I love subtle glitter.
    I love matt finishes.
    I love purple.
    It's pretty much the nail polish for me.

  2. I love Chilled Down! I like Cashmere Night too, mostly because the name is just so fitting :)

  3. I really love how professional this collection looks. A variety of finishes and colors and not your "typical indie glitter." I love me some Dandy Nails!

  4. Waaa! My favourite is the same as yours!

  5. I love Moonglow, but I have a whole drawer of gunmetal grays already. I simply love the shimmer and holo effect.

  6. Highest Ground and Moonglow are gorgeous!

  7. Chilled Down is one I MUST get! And I love Moonglow!

  8. I have Chilled Down on right now, love it!

  9. Cashmere Night and Chilled Down are sooooo gorgeous! <3

  10. Bory-Alice or Cashmere Night, that is the question!

  11. I love Chilled Down, Bory-Alice and Cashmere Night! Sooo pretty.

  12. I'm with you--I love Chilled Down. Fabulous.


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