Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thermal + Neon Glitter = Magic

Here's a manicure that I wore for a few days and totally loved. It combined two amazing things: thermal polish and neon glitter!

The base polish is Dance Legend Thermo Trio No 001. If you can believe it, all three colors below are the same polish! The Thermo Trio polishes are amazing because not only are they temperature sensitive, but they transition between three colors instead of the usual two.

In this case, it goes from a pale blue-purple when warm... to a medium pink when cool... to a dark purple when cold. In the photo below, my pointer and ring fingers show the cool-to-cold transition, and my middle and pinky fingers show the normal warm state.

I also added one coat of Lush Lacquer Clowning Around to the manicure. I really liked how it looked with the default blue-purple shade, kind of speckled like an egg! I'm not sure why it looks pitted on the cold nails -- it really didn't look like that in person.

Here's what the manicure looked like most of the time for me. It's the "warm" state of the polish.

Below is the manicure transitioning from cool to cold. You can see a bit of the warm shade at the top of my pinky and pointer nails.

And here's one final shot of the manicure. The pointer and ring finger nails are ice cold, and the middle and pinky are warm.

Dance Legend is available via the Dance Legend website, Ninja Polish, and Llarowe.
Lush Lacquer is available on Etsy.

What do you think of this look? Have you had the chance to try out any Dance Legend polishes yet?


  1. This is such an interesting beautiful mani! Loooove how the thermal polish looks/changes, I definitely want some of that! And just the general look of the neon glitter over the pale purple is so stunning. Love! X

  2. Yup I'm wearing thermo trio 1 right now, sadly we are having a mini heatwave and its sooo hot the polish won't change colour!! lol

  3. Wow, so fun! I haven't tried any Dance Legend polishes yet but I think I'm going to have to.... I keep seeing amazing swatches of holos and thermals!!

  4. The right word for this mani is gorgeous!!

  5. woahhh thermal nail polish?! what a brilliant invention, i love all the different shades! Such a great way of reinventing a mani :)

  6. This is simply stunning!
    All those colors are fantastic :)

  7. Very cool! This is something I have thought of, but I don't have any thermal polishes in my collection yet.

  8. i love color changing polishes! this is so pretty!

  9. You inspired me to layer a glitter over a thermal! The combo is completely different but thanks ♥.

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