Sunday, September 6, 2015

Orchid Petals Inspired Nail Art

Orchid petal inspired nail art by @chalkboardnails

It’s “violet” day in the 31 Day Challenge! I decided to do nail art inspired by some gorgeous orchids that I spotted in our local grocery store. The pattern on the petals was so compelling that I just had to snap a pic of them to use for future nail art.

This was maybe the easiest nail art in the world, and I love how it turned out. I started with a cream colored base, and then used a large dotter to add the magenta patterning. I grabbed a smaller dotter and added purple to the pattern, inside of the larger dots. Then all that was left was to finish with topcoat!

Orchid petal inspired nail art by @chalkboardnails

Polishes used:

Orchid petal inspired nail art by @chalkboardnails

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