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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GlitterDaze Flirtini

It's day 3 of my GlitterDaze series, and I feel like today's polish will be quite appealing to many of you!

This is Flirtini! Flirtini is a pink based polish with a bunch of different glitters in it. There is micro pink glitter, blue and yellow circular glitter, and pink and white bar glitter. Did I get everything??

This swatch shows two coats. As with the others in this collection, the glitter is small and dense, so application is easy! No fishing for big glitter bits necessary. Again, you will need topcoat to smooth it, but you guys know the drill here!

This one is a standout in the collection for me. It is the only polish that includes glitters that aren't in the base's color family. I think it looks like a little girl's birthday cake! Frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

GlitterDaze polishes are $4.50 for a 5mL bottle or $8.50 for a 12.5mL bottle and can be purchased in the GlitterDaze Etsy shop.

This product was provided to me for review.


  1. Definately looks like sprinkles, I like!!!

  2. Such a fun confetti polish. :D Very pretty.

  3. I definitely get a birthday cake feel from it too. So cute!

  4. wow i love this! reminds me of cupcakes!

  5. Super cute! It kinda looks like Candy Shop, but with smaller glitters.

  6. Cute - agree with your birthday cake take on this one. Also I think Barielle has a polish named Flirtini - or did - not sure if it's still around with the re-vamping of their line and the release of 90 new shades.

  7. I love all the colors in this polish!!!

  8. Adorable! So cute for spring!

  9. OK, my mouth actually fell open at this one. Love!

  10. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love the multicoloured glitter they look like sprinkles on a cake om nom nom.


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