Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lacquery, Part One

I've got some more indie polish for you! This is part one of some samples that I received from Lacquery - part two will be up tomorrow for your viewing and buying pleasure.

Today you will get to check out the second, fourth and fifth polishes in this lineup!

First up is Fatal. The polish description reads:
This sparkling vibrant red is a real killer color! While it won't cause actual death, it will have fashionistas and make up mavens everywhere virtually dying!
Fatal is a cherry red jelly with fiery orange gold glitter in it. It was a bit gritty at first but smoothed out nicely with topcoat. I like the combination of the glitter and base colors. I'm not usually a big red fan but this one was quite nice!

Marine Dream was my least favorite of the Lacquery shades that I tried out.

Mermaids, Pearls, and Seashells, that's what Marine Dream is made of. This ethereal, dreamy, tropical sea blue is sprinkled with the perfect amount of hologram glitter.

The base color was nice -- a seafoamy blue green color with an interesting shimmer. However, this polish also has holographic glitter in it, and it gets pretty gritty. The gritty glitter in combination with the frosty base made the polish look sort of goosebumpy.

Finally, we have Girl Band. Girl Band is my absolute favorite out of all of the Lacquery shades I received. I have been describing it as China Glaze Fairy Dust on steroids. Lacquery says:

This sheer holographic glitter reminds me of all things “truly outrageous” and one of more popular 80’s Girl Band. This glittery mix looks great by itself or atop another color to create a wonderful synergy!

It's a pretty simple premise: silver holographic glitter in a clear base. Despite being simple though, this polish brings on the BLING! Girl Band is packed (and I mean packed!) with glitter. This swatch is three coats, but you definitely could get away with just two.

It was squishy, applied easily, looked great with my skin, and was totally smooth after topcoating. It sparkles like crazy; take caution when driving, haha! I wore this for two days I think, which is a REALLY long time for me.

Lacquery Nail Polish is 3-free and is sold in mini bottles for $4 each. Keep an eye out for part two tomorrow, with some of the most unique polishes I've tried in a while!

These products were sent to me for review.


  1. The red and holographic ones <3 the second photo of the jolographoc nail color has a crazyyy effect though! And it is so solid, not sheer :O

  2. The first and third are really really beautiful and while the color on the second is really pretty, the texture it creates is really bleh looking.

  3. I liked Marine Dream in the bottle, but after seeing it swatched, blergh :( The red cherry is pretty though. Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Fatal is my absolute favorite of those three! The second one looks really weird but maybe top coat helps? The color itself is nice!

    1. It is topcoated in the swatch. Fatal is great, I agree!!

  5. What is and indie lacquer? Fatal color is my favourite, I love it! Third one is ok, I'm not excited about it and the second one... Well, I think is awful. But thats my opinion :P

  6. LOL Thanks for the feed back guys.....I may MURDER "Marine Dream" since I got this feedback. I'll have a new non glitter color in a few weeks which well be a wonderful replacement.

  7. I am rocking Girl Brand right now and I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Fast drying time and it has not chipped yet! I am a natural nail girl and it is so hard to find polishes that actually stay on for more than 3 days! I love it!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love that red! I can't wait to see the other two swatched. :)

  10. I love the third color!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! :)

  11. I'm not normally into red either, but I love this one!!

  12. Just bought Girl Band and Fatal. Absolutely love CG Fairy Dust so I'm excited to add Girl Band to my collection. Fatal is just a stunning red. Love them both.

  13. I very well may be in love with Fatal and Girl band.... OH. YES. I should definitely add those to my collection, but not for a while because I am on a purchase hold =/ BUT in two months I will DEFINITELY be getting those! Lol!!

  14. just ordered girl band I CANT WAIT TO GET IT


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