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Thursday, April 11, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand "Stage Shades"

It's time to get Liquid Sand-y up in here! I didn't end up getting the Mariah Carey Collection at its release, but thankfully my talented friend Algae Veronica had my back and gifted me the set. Despite being a little bit late to the game, I thought I'd share the "Stage Shades" half of the collection. It consists of four Liquid Sand polishes. I just love the way these look in photos.

Can't Let Go is a rich purple matte textured finish polish. It is accented by medium size hexes in a matching purple. I needed two coats for the opacity here.

Chalkboard Nails: OPI Can't Let Go (Liquid Sand)

Stay the Night has a textured black base with little glints of red peeking through. It reminded me of lava, with the black crust on top and the molten lava below. It's very pretty -- probably my second favorite in this set. The only thing was that I needed three coats, which did cause the matte finish to take a bit longer to dry. Worth it, in my opinion.

Chalkboard Nails: OPI Stay the Night (Liquid Sand)

Get Your Number was the first Liquid Sand polish I ever tried and my favorite from this collection. This gorgeous blue is super sparkly and fun, and I love the chunkier pieces. Two coats. It's killer.

Chalkboard Nails: OPI Get Your Number (Liquid Sand)

The Impossible is a neon red with star glitters. The star glitters were plentiful and went on easily, but unfortunately without topcoat, they were prone to snagging on things here and there. I ended up picking them off, but you may have less of an issue with them if you have flatter nails. I do really love this color though. Two coats.

Chalkboard Nails: OPI The Impossible (Liquid Sand)

Liquid Sand is the first and only type of textured polish type I've tried so far, but I've really been pleased with the results. They dried faster than I expected, they felt awesome without being sandpapery, and they really do sparkle fantastically in the light.

Have you had the chance to try out any of these shades? What did you think? Thank you Algae Veronica for sharing these amazing polishes with me!

This Limited Edition collection originally came out in January, so you may still be able to find it in beauty supply stores and salons in your area.


  1. Can't Let Go and Get Your Number. O.O Must own! These remind me of the Jesse's Girl/JulieG Beauty Frosted Gum Drops collection.

  2. These are such cool textures! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I really want Can't Let Go and Get Your Number. Amazing pictures, as always!

  4. Get Your Number is so pretty! I really need to get it for myself.

  5. Stunning swatches! I really love "Can't Let Go" :)

  6. Can't let go and get your number looks really pretty. I'm still not sure about textured polishes but I'm starting to change my mind a little lol

  7. I got them all for Christmas and I love them! These swatches are lovely. And I agree, the stars do snag on everything, dont they!

  8. I thought i wouldnt like them but i loved them all!

  9. Stay the Night is my favorite. I've used it multiple times -- I just think it's so gorgeous and unique! Love your swatches!

  10. Stay the Night has become one of my "go-to" vampy colors, it's so unique.

  11. wow, they look gorgeous!!
    Can't Let Go is my favorite one.

  12. Aah OPI just does it best! I am drooling over all these. ♥

  13. Nossa lindos!
    Flor tem um post super diferente lá no blog e super importante passa lá e me diz o que achou?
    Sua opnião é super importante.

  14. These are the most true-to-life swatches of Liquid Sands I've seen! Hooray for you!

  15. how do you do this?! eff girl, you make EVERYTHING look absolutely flawless. i want to be you when i grow up <333 or you should just come do my nails and photograph them and post them for me mmkay?

  16. I have The Impossible from this collection and I really wasn't a fan of it personally.. the star glitters lasted about 5 minutes before I snagged them and they came off. I really like these swatches though so I am now just starting to think I may have picked the wrong one from the bunch. Get Your Number looks gorgeous here.

  17. I love it but i think i've never see in my hands this nail polish.
    In my country opi is limitated.


  18. I just got Stay the Night in the mail this week. I was surprised by how sheer it is. I'll have to try it out with 3 coats, thanks!

  19. are these polishes easy to remove, or are they a pain like most glitters?

  20. They aren't too bad! Definitely easier than most glitters, but still harder than cremes.


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