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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Subtle Glam - Zoya Godiva with Stamping

Though I'm not usually much of a stamper, I often find myself eager to stamp over my textured manicures. The stamping seems to adhere better, it creates a really cool effect, and I get to continue to enjoy the texture that I love. In this manicure, I used stamping to add a subtle refresh to a nude textured polish.

I started with two coats of Zoya Godiva. After wearing it for a day or so (and ensuring it was completely dry), I added some full nail twinkle stamping using Nailz Craze plate NC02. I also tried out the MoYou US white stamping polish and stamper, which I received samples of at Cosmoprof. The stamper proved to be a vast improvement over the old Konad stamper that I had been using, so that made the experience a lot more pleasant.

This manicure feels like an Oscars red carpet dress to me. I'm thinkin' J.Lo, yeah?


  1. That twinkling stamping looks almost 3D here which is cool!

  2. omg the twinkling stamp is perfect for this polish. It fits so well!! I love it!

  3. Added sparkle, literaly :) I like the twinkling effect, it is superb and almost expected there.

  4. LOL at first I thought you photoshopped the twinkles, so great idea for stamping over sparkly texture!!

  5. Gorgeous! I like very much MoYou stamping plates :)

  6. this is one of the most elegant nails I've seen!

    Arianne |

  7. Nude colors don't usually appeal to me but with the stamping I think your nails look very elegant!

  8. LittleMonsterx14July 29, 2014 at 4:32 AM

    this is so beautiful!

  9. Nicely done! I love how it makes the base polish look like it has been sparkles.

  10. Cuuute :D! Now you have actual sparkles ;).


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