Sunday, July 20, 2014

Queen of the Road - OPI Ford Mustang Collection Nail Art

One of OPI's newest collections is a collaboration with Ford Mustang. Sexy cars, sexy nail polish...can't lose! It features six shades inspired by the Mustang and the girl who drives it, and two of them fit perfectly into this road-themed nail art. So rev up your engines and let's go!

The base of this nail art is two coats of OPI Queen of the Road. The road markings were painted freehand with a small nail art brush and OPI Angel With a Leadfoot.

Funnily enough, when I was learning to drive, I did a program where an instructor comes to you and teaches you how to drive for a few hours. When we got back from the practice, he told my parents, "She's a good driver, but has a bit of a lead foot." Guess I was feelin' the need for speed...

I finished the manicure off with OPI Matte Topcoat for a realistic asphalt finish.

I love the fact that the markings, while still recognizable as road markings, kind of work as patterns in this nail art. Discernible but still somewhat abstracted.

Here is the manicure with regular glossy topcoat so you can see what Queen of the Road looks like in it's natural state. It's a rich almost-black with brown undertones and a subtle shimmer.

I think this nail art would be super cute for someone just learning to drive, or if you're getting a new car, or if you are (by some small chance) a car racer! What do you think? Are you a Mustang kinda gal?


  1. These are so cool and cute! Love it.

  2. Especially love it mattified. What a cute mani!

  3. Cute! I love this. The names of the polishes even fit.

  4. Lovely manicure :) I'm waiting for the collection to come to my country :)

  5. I love the unique nail art you did for this collection! Very clever! And I grew up with Mustangs so obviously I had to buy the whole collection.

  6. Very sweet, I think it's a great idea. ♥

  7. I reeeally like your approach with this collection :D cute nail art!


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