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Chalkboard Nails is PR friendly! If you would like to speak with me about a sponsored project, please email me at Sponsored projects are limited, and I only accept sponsored content that I believe in and that fits with the content of this website. In line with FTC regulations, all sponsored posts will be labeled as such.

I am excited to be able to provide sponsorship options on Chalkboard Nails! I'm currently looking to host ads for sites and products that are in line with the content of my site. Please submit your ad through the Passionfruit Ad Network below to apply for a space.

PageRank - 4
Monthly page views - 226,730
Monthly visits - 95,229
Monthly unique visitors - 56,358
Demographic - Women, living in the United States, between the ages of 18 and 34

Facebook - 43,400 likes
Twitter - 8,100 followers
Tumblr - 35,400 followers
Instagram - 95,100 followers
Pinterest - 16,500 followers
YouTube - 5,300 subscribers
Bloglovin’ - 9,000 subscribers
Google Friend Connect - 6,500 followers
Google+ - 1,600 followers
Klout score - 78

PREMIUM SPACES: Please email me if you are interested in being added to a wait list for the Premium ad spaces. Thank you!


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