Thursday, January 12, 2017

Personalized Black and White Freehand Nail Art

Freehand black and white nail art @chalkboardnails

I've said it before and I'll say it again: black and white is just the best, most striking combo ever. In November, I was headed to the CND VIP summit and I knew I wanted to do something eye catching. After all -- the Summit was going to be attended by nail professionals that I respect and admire! I had to do something I would be proud of, and feel confident in.

Freehand black and white nail art @chalkboardnails

I chose to go with a mix of patterns and iconic images that mean something to me. Among the mix is Chowder (my precious babydog), a bee (my favorite animal), polished hands, a Saguaro cactus (the symbol of Phoenix), and the roman numerals for 2016.

They are all painted freehand over CND Shellac in Cream Puff and Black Pool. I used Akzentz GelPlay in Black and White for the detailing.

Freehand black and white nail art @chalkboardnails
Freehand black and white nail art @chalkboardnails

Here's some #RealTalk... This manicure took me like four hours to complete. The left hand took about an hour, while the right hand (featuring art by my non-dominant, left hand) took about three! I kept wiping off the art and trying to start again because I wasn't happy with how it was turning out.

Thankfully, I eventually got them to a place where I felt good about each of the nails. I cured them, finished the manicure, and collapsed into bed! 😊

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