Friday, January 6, 2012

Lacquistry Cotton Candy

Have I mentioned to you all how much I love frankens? Well, I love them a LOT. So much so that I will probably go broke buying them, and be homeless on the street, just wheeling my Helmer around and guarding it like Gollum.

I'll give you a second to imagine that.

Anyway, today I am showing off my first Lacquistry polish! Say "hello, sexy" to two coats of Lacquistry Cotton Candy.

Cotton Candy features small blue hex glitter with medium and jumbo pink hex glitter in a pink jelly base. It was named after that cotton candy Bubblicious bubble gum, and honestly one of the reasons I bought it was because I loved that gum as a kid.

This polish is really complex and I had a tough time photographing it. For example, the above photo was taken in my lightbox, while this next one was taken in indirect sunlight in my car (I was parked, people).

It's not an optical illusion, this polish really does look completely different in different lighting.

Indoors/at night, the blue glitter looks much darker. When you get it in indirect sunlight the glitter really lights up. And I mean it LIGHTS UP. I don't think that I own anything this sparkly. The glitter seems like it is alive. The blue glows like nothing else that I own.

It also looks completely different in DIRECT sunlight, though I haven't included any pictures of that. The glitters sort of dim, if you can believe it? The jelly base becomes more prominent, though instead of looking pink it looks like more of a pinky red.

This glitter is SUPER hungry though. Totally worth it, but the topcoating does require a bit of extra finesse. For this look, I added one coat of Gelous, and then two coats of Seche Vite. I'm not broken up about it.

The other thing that I want to note is that application can be somewhat tricky, but not unmanageable. The blue glitters go on with perfect density and control -- the issue is with the large pink hex glitters. I found it best to apply the polish like normal, and then sort of "fish out" some larger pieces of glitter and place them where I saw fit. That way, you get some sitting on top as well as some buried underneath in the layers from when you first applied the polish.

Check it out in the bottle! Isn't that intense!?

To summarize, if you are a glitter fanatic, you will probably die and go to heaven if you put this polish on your nails.

Cotton Candy retails for $7.50 before shipping, and can be found on the Lacquistry Etsy shop. Make sure you check out the rest of her creations too, they are amazing. I hope to get my hands on more shortly. :)



  1. Oh my it looks gorgeous! Love how it looks different in the different lighting and love the pink base!

  2. Nice! I also enjoy frankens a lot. Dollishpolish is one of my favorites! I'll check out Lacquistry at etsy

  3. Ooooh fun! I love how it looks different when the lighting changes!

  4. This is soooo pretty!!! I love it! LOL @ at the visual of you homeless with your helmer. Too funny!!

  5. What a reasonable price! It is interesting that a photo can be captured in almost any setting with the right light.

    Don't forget to put a cup up on your Helmer as you push it along. You'll need people's change for your habit...polish! ;)

  6. Nice! I love glitters .. Glitters for president :D

  7. Done and done! I saw her "Shredded" on someone's nails and just about died. I just snagged 4 polishes from her! She's definitely giving Lynderella a run for her money!

  8. Que lindo..


  9. Holy crap, I think I have died and gone to glitterbomb heaven! Thank you for posting this. I don't frequent etsy that often, but I know where I'm heading to next. ME GUSTA.

  10. Nice! I didn't realize how pink it can look.. I will have to order one! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  11. How pretty! And LMAO @ you being homeless and pushing around/protecting your helmer. You so silly. :P

  12. I'm glad that you support franken brands. Who knows, they could be the next Cult Nails! Love this polish!

  13. hello! this look gorgeous!! :)

  14. This is so pretty!!

    LOL, " be homeless on the street, just wheeling my Helmer around and guarding it like Gollum".

  15. YUMMY! What a great glitter combo!

  16. That is super gorgeous! I almost bought it, but didn't. I may have to go back and get it now! You might like her other franken: Golf Socks. I posted about it here:

    It made me fall in love with her stuff and with frankens in general!

  17. I got my paws on this too and can't wait to try!

  18. Am still picturing you homeless with your helmer! Hahahahaha!


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