Wednesday, September 26, 2012

31DC2012: Day 26, Inspired by a Pattern

Inspired by a pattern. I was kind of stumped on this one. I spent so much of my time last night doing those Beauty and the Beach nails that I didn't leave a lot of time for myself to do pattern nails. I decided to do checkerboard nails.

These are freehanded checkers that I did with my medium striper.

I had done one full nail and part of a second when I had to get up from my manicure station for a bit. I realized when I sat back down that I really liked the way that it looked with just a partial pattern, and chose to do the rest of my nails the same way. Think of my full patterned nail here as an accent! :)

The base of this manicure is Essence The Dawn is Broken. The pink is Zoya Renee, which I have a terrible history with as far as getting it to photograph correctly. It's kind of a neon pink and it photographs tomato red on my camera. I did my best to color correct here but it's probably not 100%.

You can see last year's pattern nails here, and challenge prompts here.


  1. Cool mani. And congrats on being included in the Top 10 Bloggers on the Self Website:)

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea!! Thank you for mentioning it!

    2. Really? You would think they would notify you?! Congrats again - that's a big achievement.

  2. This is really cute!! I love that you got the idea by accident. Really fun.

  3. I love the variance of the patterns on each nail- really cute!

  4. I luurrve checkerboard patterns. I thought the base color was Misa Grey Matters! I need that Essence.

  5. I love the partial patterns! What a happy accident!

  6. Wow looks awesome! Drawing out those individual squares must've been painful >.<

  7. great idea to leave some of them "unfinished," love it!


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