Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fanchromatic Nails - Between Two Worlds and Pack of Freaks

Good morning! Today's post includes some polishes from a new-to-me brand: Fanchromatic Nails! The brand's tagline is "Polish for the Geek In You," and I'm sure that's an idea that many of you can get behind. Make sure to check out the end of the post for a coupon code! :)

First up we have Between Two Worlds, a polish inspired by one of Lynae's favorite characters in Star Trek. It is a sheer purple jelly base with green, silver, copper, and brown glitters. This one needed four coats to reach the opacity you see here, but the good news is that the four coats weren't thick on the nail. This one applied well and had nice glitter density.

Next we have Pack of Freaks, a polish inspired by the show Carnivale. This goldish-green shade really packs a serious punch, with a number of different types and shapes and colors of glitter. Pack of Freaks is very unique and sure to be noticed! This is three coats alone -- read on to see it layered.

Finally we have one coat of Pack of Freaks layered over China Glaze Gaga for Green. You can see that the glitter and shimmer density in this polish is quite high. I really enjoy it, personally. I think this polish is so cool and a great addition to my collection!

I was impressed by my first experience with this brand! I am partial to Pack of Freaks but they are both quite lovely.

Fanchromatic Nails polishes are sold on Etsy. Chalkboard Nails readers can save 10% on their orders for the next 4 days with the code "CHALKBOARD"! Additionally, Lynae plans to restock her shop (including new colors) on Friday the 23rd, so make sure to like Fanchromatic Nails on Facebook for new color previews and stock notices.

Products in this post provided for review.


  1. I love the big chunky glitters ♥

  2. I've never heard of them either. But I really like the Pack of Freaks, it's really different/unique!

  3. Love these! So much glitter!!! :) Between Two Worlds is just stunning! As is Pack of Freaks :D

  4. Between Two Worlds is my favorite, but these are all great!

  5. These indie brands are killing me! Gorgeous polishes

  6. They are both gorgeous! I just may have to add these to my stash

  7. Loved them all!

  8. Love the chunky glitters in there!

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these!! The creativity, the colours, the contrast, the density of glitter...these really are amazing. I'm off to Esty! ^_^

    1. Or, y'know, Etsy. Whichever I get see first. :P


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