Friday, June 7, 2013

Polished by KPT Swatches and Review

Today's post includes a number of polishes by the indie brand Polished by KPT. This brand is known for it's thermal polish creations, but also has a lot of other great shades to offer, too. Let's begin!

Being in the Pink is a holographic thermal polish that goes from a grape-y pink when warm to a deep purple when cold. The formula applied easily and I used three coats in the swatches here. In this photo it goes cold, warm, cold, warm.

Here it is with all fingers cold.

Here it is with all fingers warm.

This is Being in the Pink warm & in direct light so you can see the holographic finish.

Blue is Beautiful is a thermal shade with iridescent glitters. It transitions from a blue-gray when warm to a dark blue when cold. I used three coats for my swatches, and this photo shows cold, warm, cold, warm.

This photo shows all fingers cold.

Here it is with all fingers warm.

Camellia is a thermal jelly polish that transitions from a barely-there pink when warm to a vibrant candy red when cold. I used three coats here, and this photo shows cold, warm, cold, warm.

Here is Camellia with all fingers cold.

Here it is with all fingers warm.

A few notes about the thermals before we move on! Though I swatched these alone, Polished by KPT recommends that they be worn over white if you want to maximize opacity and vibrance. Depending on where you live and your body temperature, the "default" setting may be warm or cold (for me, default was warm). Finally, don't forget that thermals are awesome because they can sometimes create a gradient or French tip type effect without any effort!

Now let's take a look at a few Polished by KPT polishes that aren't thermals!

Dream Lover is a gorgeous white based polish with pastel glitters, iridescent glitters, stars and hearts. The formula was notably fantastic on this. I'm always afraid when I apply a white based polish for the first time because they can sometimes go on thick or streaky, but Dream Lover was truly dreamy. Three coats here.

Fluorescein is a neon green with holographic sparkle. This is three coats alone. Though you can see some visible nail line in the photo, in person it looked solid. You could also layer over white to make it more opaque, which would boost the neon effect anyway! I wore this to a pool party with a Hex Nail Jewelry dolphin charm -- it was perfectly summery.

Green Awakening is an awesome polish topper that adds a fine gold-to-green sparkle effect over any polish. It also has some interesting chunkier pieces and iridescent glitters that make it really special. Here I've shown one coat over OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw. Direct on, it has more of a gold tone.

When viewed at an angle, it takes on a greener look.

Phew, so many photos! What do you think about these Polished by KPT shades? I was really impressed by all of them, really. The formulas were all nice and easy to work with, and they are obviously quite pretty!

You can shop Polished by KPT on BigCartel. The polishes sell out pretty quickly, so be sure you stay in-the-know by following PBKPT on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. This thermal polishes are amazing, I have one which turn from purple to sky blue but the shades are quite standard, these ones are really original :) As you said the better part of it is when a temporary gradient is on your nails, I really love it :)

  2. I LOVE Camellia, such a gorgeous colour (both ways :D)

  3. Dream Lover and Green Awakening are gorgeous!

  4. Excellent! I have been tracking this brand and wondering if they were any good. Thanks for the swatches!

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  6. Well I was not hoping to like any thermal polishes, but I kinda like these quite a lot!

  7. These are lovely. I wish I had an unlimited polish fund!

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  10. Dream Lover and Blue Is Beautiful are both gorgeous!

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  12. Thermal polishes are a novelty I remember from my childhood, but I admit they look a lot better now. Blue is Beautiful looks amazing!

  13. i love color changing polishes. all of these are gorgeous!

  14. Your swatches are impeccable - Green Awakening is SO stunning!

  15. Is there any way that they stay as a natural gradient or is that just temporary until they return to your nail temperature or does it depend on nail length?

  16. Yes, a lot of it is dependent on nail length. If you have a lot of free edge, that will probably remain the "cold" color while the part that is attached will be "warm." Of course it also depends on your conditions -- where I live it's basically always hot so unless I am in an extra cold room, they will pretty much always be warm.


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