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Cosmoprof North America 2014: What's New in Nail Polish

This year, I attended Cosmoprof North America for the first time, as press. There were so many brands to see and keep up with, plus fun developments in beauty and nail technology. Today I'm covering tons of information about what is new in the world of nail polish, and I've also got some additional posts in the works about other facets of the experience.

As you're running through this post, don't forget to click the photos to enlarge them! If you'd rather just flip through all of the pics, check out my full album of Cosmoprof photos instead.

Bernadette Thompson
  • Bernadette Thompson - This is the more affordable, mass-market line of lacquers from Bernadette. There are 71 colors in the line, and there are new colors added to the line all the time. 
  • B by Bernadette - This is the high end, luxury line from Bernadette. She is also debuting a box including five nail treatments plus two on-trend seasonal B by Bernadette shades.
  • Wipe Out Remover - This orange-hued remover contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E oil. It is non-acetone and non-dehydrating to the nail plate, and yet Bernadette says it will still soak off acrylic and gels. It's won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Product of the Year Award and was named a favorite product in Oprah's O Magazine.
  • Celebrity creations - Many shades in the Bernadette range were created on set with celebrities. She has worked with Kate Upton, Claire Danes, and Karolina Kurkova, just to name a few.

China Glaze
"The China Glaze girl is not afraid to play with color. We love that about her and we just want her to go wild with it!"
  • EverGlaze Polish System - EverGlaze is a new brand launching from the makers of China Glaze. It's a gel-lacquer hybrid that applies and removes like lacquer, but lasts for at least a week. The color and topcoat fuse together in natural light, no curing required. The launch includes 36 brand new colors (no China Glaze repromotes) and will be debuting at Sally Beauty in early 2015.
  • New Gelaze shades - This cured gel system shares many shades with China Glaze nail lacquer and does not require a base coat step. This year, they are adding 23 new shades to the lineup like CG favorites Too Yacht to Handle and That's Shore Bright.
  • The Giver Collection - Coinciding with the release of the feature film, The Giver collection is made up of 12 polishes including two interesting glitter shades. 
  • All Aboard Collection for Fall 2014 - This is another 12 set collection in deep, dramatic shades. Choo-Choo Choose You jumped out at me as a favorite -- it has a pretty shimmer that lights it from within.
  • Apocalypse of Color for Halloween 2014 - China Glaze's Halloween release got me pretty excited! Among 5 other colors, they are re-releasing Ghoulish Glow, their glow in the dark topcoat. Rest In Pieces was another favorite for its prismatic effect.
  • Celebrate Courage - This is China Glaze's breast cancer awareness collection. The display features three repromoted pink shades and three new matte cremes. They are very matte and very lovely.
  • Twinkle for Winter/Holiday 2014 - This twelve piece collection has the sparkle you'd expect from a holiday collection with a few surprises! I'd Melt For You is a silver chrome, while Chillin' With My Snow-mies is a snowy white glitter topcoat.
  • Matte Magic, the China Glaze matte topcoat, is being released in full size.
  • Flip Flop Fantasy - Many of you have bemoaned the change in Flip Flop Fantasy! I'm happy to report that they are in the process of getting that shade back on track.

Wheel Swatches

Collection Displays

  • Modern Folklore Collection - This six piece collection is CND's Fall 2014 release. It features jewel tones inspired by rich woven tapestries and bespoke fashion.
  • I got a peek at the winter collection and new products but unfortunately I can't talk about them just yet. There are some innovative new things happening and you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for them, especially if you are a nail pro or a fan of the Shellac system.
  • Shown below are the nails Jan Arnold was sporting. They are inspired by birch trees in Aspen!

Color Club
  • Paris in Love Collection - This collection is not new, but I did see a cute nail art kit that I hadn't seen before! It includes two Paris in Love shades plus a wheel of tiny macarons for use in nail art. Um, hello? Yes please, I'll take ten.
  • Celebration Collection - Also not a new collection but I haven't seen much about it. This set of 12 glitters is sure to have something for everyone.
  • Seven Deadly Sins Collection - These shades are described as matte, textured glitters and are currently available for purchase. 
  • Made In New York Collection - This set of seven features shimmers and is being released in mid-September. Definitely a couple of intriguing colors here.
  • Fiber Optics Collection - This collection is coming out in mid-October and features bar glitter topcoats. There's even a black and white combo (my weakness)!

(Extra photos courtesy of Work/Play/Polish)

  • Though I'm not allowed to discuss what I saw at the Essie booth, there are some great new developments for pros on the horizon. I also had the opportunity to meet Naja! More on that later...

Jessica Cosmetics
  • Autumn in New York Collection for Fall 2014 - A six piece fall collection inspired by Jessica's travels, this set features four very dark shades plus two lighter pops of red and nude. 
  • Holiday House Three Pack - Jessica is well known for their holiday polishes, which are released in the most adorable lightbulb shaped bottles. Keep an eye out for these sparkly shades -- I believe each three pack includes two glitters and one clear coat. 

"Yes, it's a luxury brand, but it's definitely worth the money because your nails are just beautiful after [removing the lacquer]."
  • lakur Enhanced Color - Londontown's lakur is a luxury brand of creme based polishes that wear longer than regular lacquer. Polishes are vegan, 5-free, gluten free, and cruelty free. Infused with the kur system, new polishes are released seasonally in sets of 8. Their Fall 2014 line (shown) is being released in 2-3 weeks. 
  • kur Nail Treatment System - The kur nail treatment system is a luxury care system with pieces ranging from $18-35. The line includes products like Strengthening Lacquer Remover, Protective Top Coat, Fortifying Ridge Filler, and Restorative Nail Cream, among others.

"We're the only nail lacquer brand dedicated to high fashion. We give people the top colors... They can come to us and trust that we'll give them the best colors each season."
  • Fall 2014 Lineup - LVX debuted their fall line which includes six (currently unnamed) polishes, directly inspired by the runway. They are on the top row of the photo below. I'm drawn to the greys, myself, but thought you'd be interested in seeing this pinkish shade up close! 

Morgan Taylor
"The quality of our lacquers, the color payoff, the density of the glitters, the shimmers, the bottle itself... Luxury is our goal."
  • Neon Lights for Summer 2014 - This collection is currently out and features six neon shades. Morgan and Taylor mentioned that these neons are special because you don't need a white base to get great color payoff.
  • Fight Light a Lady - Fight Like a Lady is the Morgan Taylor breast cancer awareness collection. It features three repromoted creme shades plus a special limited edition glitter topper.
  • Halloween Collection for Halloween 2014 - This box set features a bright orange neon and a black creme, plus the Morgan Taylor topcoat.
  • The Enchantment Collection for Fall 2014 - Their fall release features six shades in a somewhat unexpected dusty pastel palette. This collection drew its inspiration from the fall fashion runways, where Morgan and Taylor noted that many designers had chosen an anti-fall color range. 

Wheel Swatches

Collection Displays

  • A matte gel topcoat
  • FALL-ing In Love Collection for Fall 2014 - This collection draws inspiration from the fall runways, but with a twist.
  • World Champions Collection for 2014 - This collection is inspired by the World Cup in Brazil. 
  • New glitters have been added to the gel line
  • I was also told that within the next month or so, Nubar will be announcing a UV gel-style topcoat that does not need to be cured. I'm told it dries completely in two minutes, continues to harden as it's in the sun, and will work with any brand's polish. Very eager to see more about this!

  • OPI kept their hand close to their vest and I couldn't get a peek at any upcoming collections this year. 

  • Baked Collection for Summer 2014 - This set of six is already out, but still served as the eye-catching background for their booth.
  • Smoky Collection for Fall 2014 - A lineup of six smoky fall shades inspired by the smoky eye. Edgy and Smoked Out (shown) caught my eye, and there's a lovely grey creme shade that I'm sure many of you will be drawn to as well.
  • Halloween Collection for Halloween 2014 - I think a few of these are repromotes, but this trio features a neon orange, a black creme, and a black shimmer.
  • BB Creme for Nails - Meant to be worn without base or topcoat, the Orly BB Creme is a nude shade that also acts as a nail treatment.

  • Seasonal color collections have joined the core collection.
  • 2015 colors are in development but were not ready to be previewed.

Young Nails
  • Young Nails debuted their Caption manicure, which is a system that applies and removes like polish but is supposed to wear like gel.  The line features 60 core colors and 18 topper effects. The polishes contain shellac, volcanic glass, and "plant derived polymers," and are intended to strengthen the nail as well.

  • Zoya's new releases were there, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to share them just yet. 
  • In the meantime, have you seen the recent press release for the Naturel Deux collection? I got to see the colors in person. If you are a fan of Naturel part one, you'll love these too!



  1. It was so fun to see all the new stuff happening in the nail polish world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So many great new goodies!!! The china glaze ever glazes look so promising!

  3. i'm really intrigued by that bernadette thompson polish remover!

  4. I got a sample of it to test and will try to keep you posted on what I think! :)

  5. fantastic! would love to hear your thoughts on it :)

  6. Very cool! I loved seeing all the pics on instagram of you and the other awesome ladies that went this year. I had a blast the year I went and def. need to go back! It's a bummer we didn't get to see anything from Essie, OPI, or Zoya. They're party poopers haha ;) I'm super interested in that Bernadette polish remover, I'll be eagerly awaiting your take on it!

  7. Agreed. It sucks because those are the brands that most people want to hear about! I understand though -- the show is meant for sales and distribution. At least we have China Glaze, which is a fountain of info... :)

  8. Oh I've spotted some favs already and I'm looking forward to get my hands on them myself hihi Too bad we couldn't see anything from essie, Zoya and OPI, especially since I love these three brands so much but China Glaze didn't disappoint at all. Hmm, so the Ever Glaze is more polish then gel, right? The colors are very pretty though, I hope they will release them in Germany as well :)

  9. Yes, I think Everglaze is closer to regular polish than gel, just with a better wear time.

  10. Great information and awesome pictures! I see a few I'm putting on my "must have" list!

  11. thank you for sharing. Love the previews.

  12. Wow, that is a ton of info! Thanks for the post! You went as press this year, what did you go as last year?

  13. Oh I've never been before - was just trying to clarify that I went as press for this show! I can see how that sentence is confusing though haha.

  14. Spectacular. I will share your post. Kisses from Perú.

  15. The Dalai Lama's NailsJuly 25, 2014 at 7:47 AM

    Great post! I didn't make it to see Bernadette - looks like some exciting stuff there!

  16. I was hopping to see color club new holo collection but I guess not happing?? Thank you for all the lovely insight and photos!!

  17. Those ORLY shades sure look gorgeous!


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