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Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Collection Swatches and Review

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Collection via @chalkboardnails

One of Color Club's newest collections is called Seven Deadly Sins. It's a collection of seven textured nail polishes in indulgent shades. The textures are very low profile (read: not too rough) so if you are a fan of texture but don't like 'em scratchy, these are a great option for you. There are a few winners here and a few I'm not crazy about. Let's check them out!

Dirty Money is a pale gold textured shade with small hex glitter accents. I love this shade of gold and it looked flattering with my particular skintone. Two coats.

Color Club Dirty Money via @chalkboardnails

Fierce is a deep bronze textured shade with flecks of orange. A nice one for fall. Two coats.

Color Club Fierce via @chalkboardnails

Friends With Benefits is a pale, metallic lilac texture with small lilac hex glitters. This was one of the ones that I did not care for. The tone-on-tone glitter pieces didn't stand out from the base enough and just made the overall finish look lumpy. Two coats.

Color Club Friends With Benefits via @chalkboardnails

Indulge Me is a bronze, flecky shade. It's pretty sparkly and reflective, and looks a bit lighter here than it does in person. It also has flashes of green that for some reason did not want to cooperate in photos. Two coats.

Color Club Indulge Me via @chalkboardnails

Obsessed is a blackened textured base with gorgeous teal shimmer. Obsessed is right! This is easily my favorite shade in the collection. Just lovely. Two coats.

Color Club Obsessed via @chalkboardnails

Under Your Spell is a purple textured shade with gold-green shimmer and larger purple hex glitters. This one would have been an instant favorite for me if it wasn't for the larger glitter pieces. Though they aren't as distracting as the pieces in Friends with Benefits, I just think this shade would be better off without them. Two coats.

Color Club Under Your Spell via @chalkboardnails

You're So Vain is a moody purple base with flecks of gold and purple pink. I like this one, maybe partially because of the absence of any larger hex pieces. Two coats.

Color Club You're So Vain via @chalkboardnails

As for formula on these, they are okay. Maybe a bit on the thicker side, but that's par for the course with most textures. They certainly wouldn't deter me from buying, if I were hypothetically shopping a few of them, but it's maybe something to keep in mind.

To reiterate, if you like your textures on the mild side, these are all nice options. My top picks would be Obsessed, Dirty Money, and You're So Vain.

This collection is available now at


  1. These are nice. Wonderful swatches of them all!

  2. Well you know I loved this collection, but my faves would be Obsessed, Dirty Money and Fierce.

  3. So glad I already ordered a few last week in advance. Can't wait to get them. I love my textured polishes but don't want to use OPI anymore. Thanks for these!

  4. I bought Fierce and Under Your Spell and I am curious to try them, as I have heard quite mixed reviews about these. But since I love textured polishes I hope these will be good ;)

  5. What do you think of these compared to Loreal's Gold Dust Collection? Some of these look very similar, like Under Your Spell and Obsessed.

  6. Obsessed is my favourite by far!

  7. I like Color Club, but they are so hard to find where I live, I've pretty much given up finding them. Haven't really seen much of them in stores since the first set of Halo Hues

  8. Obsessed and You're So Vain are my top picks too - I love those moody shades!

  9. Obsessed is amazing. I don't like big pieces in my texture polishes in general. There are some that are really beautiful but most of the time it looks like chunky fail to me. It works if the pieces are very small (like half of the first Gumdrops Collection). *still praying for more original formula Pixie Dusts from Zoya bc those are my all time favorites*

  10. I almost forgot about those. I have The Statement Piece (light gold blend) and Hidden Gems (blackened base/superfine teal glitter/small silver hex). A friend bought a bunch of them not knowing they were textured and gave them to me! *love sparkly texture polishes* :D

  11. I wish they'd make more pixies too. The ultra PixieDusts are not really my jam.


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