Monday, December 8, 2014

Deck Your Nails Out With Girly Bits This Winter

Girly Bits Indie Nail Polish via @chalkboardnails
Let's face it... We don't need an excuse to deck out our nails with gorgeous shimmers, glitters, holographics, and textures. However, why not celebrate the season with luxurious lacquers and fantastic formulas from Girly Bits? Let's take a look at a few of the shades I've tried recently!

Arctic Sunrise is a beautiful bright blue with a heavy pink shimmer. I think it's appropriate for both winter and for upcoming spring and summer months. Gotta love a polish with good seasonal mileage! Three coats.

Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise via @chalkboardnails

Bette Davis Eyes is a pale silver with a light textured finish. Cool! This was one of the newer Girly Bits shades that I was most curious about. I wasn't disappointed, it's really neat. If you prefer low-intensity textured finishes, this one has a really subtle grit to it. Two coats.

Girly Bits Bette Davis Eyes via @chalkboardnails

Ho Ho Hope is a red-toned-violet holographic shade with a subtle holo rainbow. The formula was lovely, needing just two coats for the coverage shown, and the color is enchanting.

Girly Bits Ho Ho Hope via @chalkboardnails

Lover's Coral is a soft peachy-coral shade. I've worn this one twice recently, it's a great clean pink for when you are looking for something sweet and simple. Three coats.

Girly Bits Lover's Coral via @chalkboardnails

Too Hot For Pants is a red-fuchsia jelly with heavy shimmer and holo microglitter. It's a very rich shade, which makes it a perfect choice for the holidays. Two coats shown.

Girly Bits Too Hot For Pants via @chalkboardnails

Walk Like an Egyptian is one of my most favorite Girly Bits shades to date. This champagne gold is so luxurious. It's holographic in the sun, but looks just as lovely indoors! If you are a gold nail polish fan, this is totally a winner. This is three coats but many could get away with only two.

Girly Bits Walk Like an Egyptian via @chalkboardnails

So, which one is your favorite? I love the variety of colors, textures, and finishes in the Girly Bits lineup, and am always impressed by the formulas. My top picks would be Walk Like an Egyptian and Bette Davis Eyes. Siiiillllver and gooooold, siiiiilllver and gooooolllddd....

Girly Bits polishes are sold on and via distributors. Keep up with the brand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more info.


  1. Too Hot For Pants is stunning! but too bold for me to actually wear, lol. Ho Ho Hope is more my thing. I can't resist a purple polish;)

  2. Love Arctic Sunshine, great name and a fab colour

  3. I'm a sucker for blues, so one Arctic Sunrise, please!

  4. Whoaaa! Definitely Too Hot for Pants for me!! It will look stunningly cute as a pedi :D They're all super gorgeous though!!!

  5. Awww! Awesome colors. Neatly done, Perfect nails. This is just so nice. Well done :)

  6. These nails are so pretty it looks unreal. Very nice color. Love it! -


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