Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nude and Mauve Ombre with Lacy Glitter

Ombre nails with lace glitter by @chalkboardnails

I recently received a package of some current Color Club shades. As I pulled the bottles out of the box, fate took control and lined up four of the shades from lightest to darkest. They looked gorgeous in an ombre together, and I had to oblige the universe's wishes.

Of course, I was still missing a fifth shade, and while I was searching for the perfect polish, I figured it couldn't hurt to add some glitter, either.

Ombre nails with lace glitter by @chalkboardnails

So, the four fated Color Clubs that I was destined to use are:
Color Club Blank Canvas (white)
Color Club Barely There (light tan)
Color Club Get a Mauve On It (mauve)
Color Club Midnight Mulberry (plum)

Then, I grabbed A England Elaine for the thumb, and added a layer of Sally Hansen Eyelet from the Luxe Lace line on all the nails. The glitter density was good, but I ended up with a lot of bubbles on the nails. Not sure what happened there.

Ombre nails with lace glitter by @chalkboardnails

I haven't done an ombre in a while, but I totally should wear them more often. They're really gorgeous and chic, especially in shades of nudes/neutrals like this. Big thanks to the universe and to Color Club for setting me up to hit one out of the ombre park (IMO)!


  1. Such a gorgeous manicure I can see why you had to do that color combination.

  2. Those colors work so well together! You definitely hit this out of the park!! :)

  3. So pretty! And omg that universe vid 😂😂😂😂

  4. You are a genius! What a manicure! <3 Loving it. <3

  5. Sharon Parayos MerrittJune 18, 2015 at 5:49 AM

    Beautiful ombre!! Now I want to try one!

  6. I own two of the SH Luxe Lace glitters and I really love them! I've not had any issues bubbling at all, in fact I like them alot because the base is lighter than most glitters that I've used and they have the perfect "glitter density."

  7. Wow , such beautiful colors , cannot wait to try them !!!



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