Monday, October 10, 2016

Hand-Placed Glitter Flowers

Glitter floral nails @chalkboardnails

Here's a bit of a throwback look for ya! I did these nails probably about a year ago, and while I posted about them on social media, they never made it to the blog here. Plus, with fall arriving, these neutral tones with a slight twinge of grey are right on schedule.

Glitter floral nails @chalkboardnails

This look is done with Shellac. It is much easier to do this style with gel, though you could accomplish it with regular polish, too.
  1. After prepping your nails properly, apply your base gel and cure.
  2. Apply one coat of CND Shellac in Field Fox, and cure. Repeat with a second coat.
  3. Use a dotting tool or Crystal Katana to individually place pieces of round glitter to form flowers and falling petals.
    • Since the cured layer of Shellac is so sticky, I was able to pop them right on a cured nail and have them stay. If your gel isn't as tacky, you can also place the glitters into a layer of uncured gel and then cure them together.
  4. Topcoat generously and cure. Add a second layer if necessary.

Glitter floral nails @chalkboardnails

I purchased my round glitters from Presto via Nail Labo. Wildflower's Nails also has a huge selection of glitters that would be fun to build flowers or other shapes from!

No round glitters? No problem! You can use a dotting tool with a large and small side to accomplish this same look. Just go slowly and work carefully -- part of what makes this style so appealing is that the dots are all the same size.

What do you like to wear on your nails when fall comes around? Do you change your polish shades for the season, or keep on rocking brights and pastels?

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