Can I use/reblog/pin your photos?
My content may not used for profit, and you may not alter my photos in any way. This is not negotiable. Editing another person's pictures for your own use or removing their watermark is unacceptable behavior and I will follow through with any violators. Having said that, it's acceptable to use my photos when necessary as long as you include a link back to this blog.

How do you paint your nails so cleanly? / What do you do for cleanup?
I have been painting my nails long enough now that I rarely have to do cleanup, and end up with a clean edge the first try. But on the occasion that I do have to clean up, I use a makeup brush dipped in acetone, as per this Lacquerized post. Here's another Lacquerized post that is a great resource for learning how to paint neatly.

What base and top coat do you use?
The combo I use most often is CND Stickey for base and Seche Vite for topcoat.

What do you use for nail art tools/brushes?
You can find photos and a breakdown of my favorite brush set and other tools in this post.

What do you use for your photography set up?
I use a homemade lightbox, which I wrote a tutorial for! Step eight in that post details my lighting set up a bit further, too.
If you are looking for a simpler approach, you can find my older posts with basic photography tips here and here.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Canon S90. I like that it shoots in RAW so I can get more accurate color correction after I take the photos.

Are your nails natural?

How do you get your nails so healthy?
You can read more about my favorite nail care products and how I use them here!

How do you shape your nails?
I use a 220 grit Tropical Shine file from Sally's. I just file straight across in one direction (don't saw back and forth). I then gently round the corners a bit so I don't accidentally stab myself. If you have thin nails, you can try using a crystal file instead.

How did you learn how to do your nails?
I've taught myself how to do them, with a lot of practice and trial & error! If you look back in my archives, you'll see that I've worked hard to get better over time. I've also gained a lot of knowledge from reading the tips, tricks, and tutorials on other blogs. Never feel afraid to ask a blogger how they do something -- the worst they can do is say no!

Where did the name Chalkboard Nails come from?
Well, I wanted to make a nail blog but decided I also wanted the name to stand out! I was thinking about the phrase "nails on a chalkboard," and while that usually carries a horrible connotation for people, that's literally what my blog is: nails on a chalkboard!

I am thinking about going to nail school. Where can I learn more?
You can check out my series about my experience in nail school to see what it was like for me. I would also recommend looking into a Beauty Changes Lives scholarship, or reading more about the process from Beauty Schools Directory.

My question wasn't on here. How can I get a hold of you?
Email me at chalkboardnails@gmail.com!
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