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Monday, September 23, 2013

You Get a Gold Star!

You go Glen Coco! Today's nail art is another variation of my sugared stars technique, except instead of a textured polish, I used a dense glitter. Make sure to visit the tutorial for details, and read on for the polishes that I used in this specific look!

I began with a base of Precision Nail Lacquer Pur-fect FX, a pretty rich purple shade. This was my first experience with Precision Nail Lacquer and I have to say I was really impressed! The formula was nice and the color was really pretty, plus the polish dried super glossy on its own.

Then, after letting the base dry completely, I applied painter's tape that had been punched with the stars. I sponged on a couple of rounds of Cirque Helios, a sparkling gold with holographic glitters. I chose to leave it without a topcoat, which gave it a sandy, finely textured effect.

The final step was using OPI Matte Topcoat to add some dots in the negative space. As you can see, this matte topcoat is SUPA DUPA MATTE, providing a great contrast with the base of the manicure.

I don't do enough matte and glossy combination manicures. They look so legit! They're subtle but bring that extra bit of oomph.

Shop the look:
Precision Nail Lacquer - Pur-fect FX
Cirque - Helios
OPI - Matte Topcoat


  1. This is so awesome! I'm always jealous of your nails.. :)

  2. This is adorable, it reminds me of LSP from Adventure Time! :D

  3. These are amazing! I love the idea of contrasting matt dots but I'm not sure my matt top coat is good enough haha

  4. Ooh I want to try matte dots! and sugared stars too! nice mani

  5. Your starts are so lovely!

  6. I love the stars and I like th glossy/matte combo!

  7. Beautiful! I adore purple and gold together. I feel like I should know who Glen Coco is, but at the same time I think I might be one of a very small handful of folks who don't.... :/ hmmmm....

  8. Hehe, its a reference to the movie Mean Girls!

  9. This was so cool, wish I could get my hands on one of those hole punchers.. These nail art's are awesome! :P

  10. I love the matte shiny and gold glitter together!

  11. 10 pts for opening with a Mean Girls quote!

    I love this look, I must think to use more matte polish!

  12. Oh my GLOB! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this! I'm going to try this out and wear it with my BMO tee. :D

  13. So gorgeous! Glossy, matte and glitter all in one mani, what is there not to love?!

  14. LOVEE this!

  15. Ms. Shannon HoughtonOctober 19, 2013 at 6:44 PM

    !!!!!! YESSSSSS.


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