Saturday, September 3, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 03: Yellow

GUYS. I was SO EXCITED to do yellow! Yellow is my favorite color! Some people think (and have told me) that yellow nail polish can make you look sick or jaundiced or something. I say to them, BAH. Yellow is cheery and fun and not many people have the guts to pull it off! I'm sure all of YOU pull it off fabulously like the strong ladies you are, though!

So, having said that, I obviously couldn't just do a plain yellow manicure. I started with China Glaze Happy Go Lucky as a base, and then decided to do a gradient manicure to China Glaze White On White.

I used Rebecca's tutorial for hints and tricks and general guidance. This was done with a makeup sponge and was a little tricky, though the concept is pretty simple. I think I just need some more practice.

The other thing is that these look super awesome in person, when they are further away from your eyes, instead of the super close up my camera gives you. So give it a try sometime if you haven't, this was my first attempt at this technique and I was pleased with the results!

China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky and White On White

P.S., In case you forgot, the challenge lineup is right here.


  1. These are AWESOME!! I cant wait to see the rest of the challenges! I would, do the 31 day challenge to, but I'm afraid I might skip a day :P

  2. nice....I'm not a fan of yellow, but it is in my challenges too!

  3. I don't know why but this reminds me of Banana cream pie LOL

  4. This looks great! So fun!

  5. Thanks everyone! In addition to banana cream pie, a few of us thought it looked like eggs! Eggy pie nails!

  6. HAHA my first thought was fried eggs LOL.


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