Sunday, September 25, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

I don't really follow runway fashion, but if I had more time it is certainly intriguing! To find an image that I wanted to use for today's challenge day, I just googled "Spring 2012 Fashion," and I came upon this page, which had some photos from Max Azria's recent show.

I selected one of the images that I liked and went from there.

I talk a lot about how having a nail blog really demands perfection because the photos of the nails are much closer than how someone would view the manicure in real life. Check it out - here's a pic of the mani from further away than I normally show it.

Looks neat, right? My thumb looks a little broken but the mani looks great!

Here's the mani from my regular distance. You can see the flaws a lot more easily, but I'm still happy with the way this one turned out.

The base is China Glaze Peachy Keen, then the frosty blue is NYC Cashmere Creme, the top grey is OPI Skull and Glossbones, and the gray piping is China Glaze Recycle.

I did the stripes with a nail art brush, and the piping with a striper brush. As you can see, I still have a lot of practicing to do with the striper brush, but that's okay! We're about learning over here at Chalkboard Nails.

Side story, I went to go take my pics of today's mani and found this little guy sitting in my photo spot:

Yep, I use my bedsheets as the background for my photos. No joke.

This is my dog, Chowder! A few of you might know about him already. He's a bichon poodle mix. I've been calling him Beep Boop lately, though I'm not totally sure why. He gets a new nickname every few weeks. I've also called him Potato recently. That evolved out of calling him sweet potato. That little strip of fur is missing on his leg because he had to get an IV put in for his teeth scaling and cleaning a month ago.

So, that's the story of my fashion mani! Today's challenge really got me looking into something that I normally know nothing about. Pretty cool!



  1. I love this look! And I love that you showed the discrepancy between the more distanced photo and the close-up (which still looks awesome, BTW)--it fits perfectly with the discussion we have going on over at our blog about perfection! And Chowder is adorable! :)

  2. Ohh it's such a great look! Awesome job!


  3. wow that looks really good!!! great job on it! I'm still learning lol.

  4. I use my bathroom wall as my photo background! Love this mani!

  5. i LOVE this. lovveee. i did a christian siriano inspired mani that i havent posted yet! its nudes and neons!


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