Wednesday, May 2, 2012

butter LONDON Tape Nail Art Featuring Lillibet's Jubilee

You guys ready for a tape manicure? I am! Let's go!

I wish I could tell you where the inspiration for this look came from. I really have no idea! I was just sketching in my "mani ideas" notebook and sort of ended up with this. I love love love it! Pointer and middle finger accents are bold and unusual, and I just really like them a lot.

As with any tape manicure, you want your base color to be completely dry before you put the tape on. I applied my base color, then a coat of fast dry topcoat to speed things along.

Then I applied pieces of tape so that the corners met up in the middle, forming the diamonds. I painted over the area with my first color, and carefully removed the tape. What was left was the diamonds! Everywhere the tape was blocking was left unpainted.

Then I added another coat of fastdry topcoat, let it, well, dry, and repeated with the second color. The only difference this time was that the tape met closer together, which made smaller diamonds.

Let's talk colors. The base is butter LONDON Lillibet's Jubilee, a faintly lilacy-silver foil. The coverage on it is amazing -- you could definitely get away with just one coat if you applied it carefully. I love the tiny bit of purple tinting in it; it really sets Lillibet's Jubilee apart from other silver foils (which we know there are a lot of). This color is a new release and was made to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. The description of the color says there is also holographic glitter in it, but I had a hard time seeing any, personally.

The teal color is butter LONDON Slapper. It was difficult to photograph. I think I got the color close, but in person it is a touch brighter. Again, great coverage, super nice formula. I love colors like this and this one is exceptionally nice in every way.

The final dark color is butter LONDON Marrow. It is a deep purple with a faint silvery shimmer. Unfortunately my camera has serious issues with true purple, so it looks more blue here than it is in person. This one required a bit thicker of a coat to get full coverage in this tape manicure. You would only need the standard two coats for a regular full nail manicure.

I chose the colors for this before I realized that they are kind of reminiscent of the old Arizona Diamondbacks colors... and the design turned out looking like a diamondback snake pattern. Again, I did this whole nail set before I realized it. Subconscious mani influence, maybe?

butter LONDON lacquers retail for $14 and can be purchased at, or in high end retailers like Ulta, Dillards, and Nordstrom. Check their website for locations.

The products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. You always do stunning manicures. I love it! Subconscious or not, BRAVO!

  2. Oh, I love this! That butter LONDON Lillibet's Jubilee is amazing! So pretty!

  3. This looks great! Your nails are getting so long! love it!

  4. Your design is amazing, wish I could have the skills and the patience!!

  5. This is so pretty, I love the colour combo! :)

  6. Looks great! Love the color combo.

  7. Very cool mani! Love the color combo!

  8. You are a master of tape manicure. Aligning the tapes to form symmetrical diamonds would be a big problem for me.

  9. yeah yeah yeah pointer middle finger accents! my favorite! this looks really great, i wish i had the patience for tape manis!

  10. This looks amazing, your nails always look so good!
    I love the colors together!

  11. Wow! I love this! Reminds me of a rattlesnake :)

  12. Amazing! The colours you used look great together. ♥

  13. Awesome! Best nail art blog hands down!

  14. This is a really cool look!

  15. Love the colors - looks awesome!! :)

  16. Absolutely amazing!

  17. These nails are totally awesome, definitely one style I'd love to learn !!

  18. Can you maybe show how you cut the tape? I totally dont understand it... :(

  19. I really wish you would do more tutorials, they are really helpful, and give me ideas!

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