Monday, October 22, 2012

Different Dimension Pretty Little Liars Collection

Good morning! Let's start off the week with some indie swatches, what do you think? The collection we're going to be looking at today is the Pretty Little Liars Collection by Different Dimension. I don't watch the show myself, but I sure do like these polishes!

Aria is a gorgeous heavy purple shimmer topcoat. It looks whitish in the bottle and is best layered over another color. I've shown it here over American Apparel 7th and Alameda. It will lighten the color you put it over a bit, but is definitely worth it for the amount of shimmer you get. It's really ethereal and absolutely noticeable.

Emily is a microglitter polish that can be worn alone. It is a blue base with blue, sea green, and white microglitters, and I've shown three coats here. I like the color combination in this one a lot. Lovely and speckled!

Hanna is my favorite in the bunch! Similar in finish to Emily, Hanna is a microglitter in a tinted base. This time, it's a purpley base with white, blue, and magenta microglitters. Vaguely patriotic, almost! I love the contrast that you get between the base and its glitter colors. This is two coats.

Spencer is a glitter with an edge. It's a red jelly base with red and black microglitters, as well as holographic silver glitters. It's intensely sparkly and rich looking! Definitely a good polish for an indie polish lover's date night. I've shown three coats here.

As far as formula, all of these were great. The glitters spread evenly on their own, and the bases weren't too thick. They were juuuust right (said in my best Goldilocks voice)!

Different Dimension is sold on Etsy, and you can also like the brand on Facebook for news and updates! This particular collection is sold as individual bottles and as a discounted set.

The products in this post were provided to me for review.


  1. I love these! Especially Hanna and Spencer. Great Swatches :)

  2. Aria and Emily are for sure my favorites! :) So pretty!

  3. I want Aria!! This show is totally a guilty pleasure for me xD

  4. I watch the show and the polishes don't really make sense with the character names to me! I mean, maybe I can make a LITTLE connection but I guess I have a different interpretation :) These are still really pretty nevertheless! Especially Emily! Speaking of the show, the characters have really fun nail art I've noticed! Mostly Hanna.

  5. I love the PLL theme! The colours really look like things that match each girl, great swatches!

  6. OH my gosh I love Hanna and Spencer and I love Pretty Little Liars! <3

  7. These are beautiful--thank you so much for the swatches!

  8. Hanna is my fave too. Beautiful swatches, as always!

  9. Club Nail Polish likes Hanna, nice pics, styl'in!

  10. How I've waited for a polish named Emily :D Too bad it's everything I don't like when it comes to nail polish x(

  11. I have Spencer & dying to try it, thank you for the great swatch


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