Monday, October 8, 2012

Lush Lacquer Swatch Spam

Good morning! Since the challenge is over, I have a bit more time to get caught up on some of my reviews. This morning, I've got six Lush Lacquer polishes to share with you!

Let's start it off with Color Me Gray. It's a light gray jelly with medium and micro rainbow glitters in it. It took me three coats to get this one to opacity. I like the look of it, and wouldn't have thought to put rainbow glitters in with a gray base. It's kind of like a rainbow peeking through some stormclouds!

Oopsie Daisy is an interesting polish made up of multicolored glitters (I found them to be red and green primarily, but there are also blues, pinks, purples), daisy shaped glitters, and iridescent glitters in a light blue base. This swatch shows three coats alone. It applied well. I love the look of the iridescent glitters in the light base.

Next up is Shred Me Silly, a fun glitter topper made of rainbow shards and black&white microglitters. I've shown one coat here over OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI. The shards can be slightly tricky to apply but the small glitters do make things a bit easier.

Slumber Party is my favorite of this bunch. It's got purple, blue, black, white, and pink squares. It's a lot of fun and applies really easily! I've shown one coat over Essence Grey-t to Be Here. I actually liked this combo so much that once I had finished all my swatching for the day, I put it back on and wore it for the weekend!

Snow Globe is a mix of multicolor glitter (prominently pinks, blues, and yellows to my eye) that is bolstered by white microglitter. I loved the way this one looked over OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. I bet this is another one that would look fantastic over a light grey, too! Or black! The possibilities...!

Sugar Daddy is a mix of rainbow hexes and bars in a white base. It sat surprisingly flat on my nail and I didn't find it thick like whites can sometimes be, even after three coats.

I've used one coat of topcoat on all of these swatches, but you may need to add a second on a few of them as the manicure settles. Favorites for me include Slumber Party, Snow Globe, and Color Me Gray. It's surprising how different these are from each other, despite so many of them having a mix of rainbow glitters in them!

Lush Lacquer is sold on Etsy. You can also find the brand on Facebook!

The products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. I'm in love with Snow Globe and Color Me Gray!

  2. Slumber Party is so pretty, it's my favourite of these too. I love that blue glitter!
    Snow Globe is also very cute. I think it would be a perfect nailpolish for someone who works with children. Those colors just bring kindergarten and playing children to my mind.

  3. Holy poo I really like heaps of these! I am a fan of Oopsie Daisy, Slumber Party, Snow Globe + Sugar Daddy. Might have to pick up some soon :3

  4. Ouch. This cost me :D I went and bought Snow Globe & Color Me Gray right away (along with two other polishes not shown here). My poor PayPal account...

  5. Ooooh sugar daddy is beautiful! It reminds me of confetti cake :)

    Jazz x

  6. Color Me Gray is amazing! Such unique colors ;)

  7. Love these! I need Oopsie Daisy!

  8. Color Me Gray reminds me of Poptarts! It's adorable!

  9. These are all so fabulous I can hardly contain myself! I need everything! :P

  10. Oopsie Daisy is fun!

  11. I was getting bored with indie polishes, but these are so adorable!!

  12. I love Slumber Party - it's so 80's!

  13. I'm wearing Snow Globe right now with the same OPI base but it doesn't look as nice as on you nails. :(

    What topcoat did you use? and how do you apply the glitters?


    1. I always use Seche Vite topcoat. If you are having trouble applying the glitters, first make sure your base is completely dry so it doesn't get smeared around by the application of the glitter bits. Then you can try the dabble method as shown here:

    2. Thanks! I'll need to buy seche vite. I use Chine Glaze no Chip topcoat but it takes forever to dry!


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