Thursday, September 26, 2013

31DC2013 Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern (Pretty Paisley)

It's #ThrowbackThursday, and for today's pattern manicure, I thought I would draw inspiration from an older post. Way back in November 2011 I attempted my first paisley manicure. I definitely knew that I would be able to improve on my look from back then, and so I set out to do it!

For this look I used three COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss shades. I had actually never tried CoverGirl polish before this so I was definitely eager to give them a spin!

The base of the manicure is COVERGIRL Lav-endure. This light purple shade is subtle and pretty, and only required two coats for opacity. The formula was on the thinner side, but not runny. I was pleased!

The majority of the paisley design was handpainted using COVERGIRL Reliable Red. This bright, almost pinkish red was nice and opaque, and flowed well in the nail art. The black accents were painted with COVERGIRL Black Diamond. It's definitely not the most opaque black I've ever used but it got the job done, to be sure.

For those of you interested in checking out the line, COVERGIRL polishes can be found in drugstores and other large scale retailers for around five bucks each. 

I love the way these colors paired together and I definitely can say that my paisley skills have improved since 2011. Gotta love #TBT!

Have you ever rocked a paisley nail art design before? If not, would you?

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  1. This is sooo beautiful! Absolutely this time you did it wonderfully!

  2. awesome nail art

  3. Love it! definitely improved even if i still love your old design, too!

  4. These are cool. I love seeing that my favorite bloggers started out a little shaky, just like us newbies. It gives me encouragement to keep chugging along! :)

  5. I love the colours on this one! I like paisley but find it hard to draw for some reason--I've tried to doodle it loads of times and it just doesn't look right. I need to use this as inspiration :D

  6. I love paisley pattern in general and I liked your nails and colors of choice. I've wanted to try it for awhile but haven't got around of doing it, it feels hard to do even though I'm fairly good with free handing and the pattern isn't the most advaced ever... But it's a must try! :D

  7. Never thought of doing this before! Super cute!! :)

  8. These are awesome! They look like you stamped them. I'd love to see a tutorial :)

  9. I've only tried stamping a paisley pattern, but I do want to try to freehand them soon :) These are gorgeous and I love the colours!


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