Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lacquer Lust Swatches and Review

Lacquer Lust is one of those indie brands that kind of snuck on to the scene and then EXPLODED! Jo is known for her gorgeous holos and thermals, though just about everything else she does is fantastic, too. I've got a few different polishes to share with you today, be sure to stop by the comments and let me know which ones you are "lacquer lusting" after.

Butt Bootie Naked is a beautiful nude shade with a soft and subtle holographic finish. As much as I love bright colors, sometimes I crave a gorgeous neutral, and this definitely fits the bill! I used three coats here and the formula applies nicely. Here is the shade in natural light.

Here is the shade in direct light, highlighting the holographic finish.

Eternal Bliss is a barely-grey mostly-white with a subtle holographic finish. The holographic effect isn't as strong here as it is in BBN, but the off white is a beautiful shade and the sparkle just adds a little extra in the right lighting. Three coats, indirect light shown first.

Here is Eternal Bliss in direct light.

Orion is a black jelly with holographic sparkle and a teal green flash. The squishy black jelly finish ensures that the sparkles and shimmers show through in full force, and boy is it beautiful. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, too. I used three coats for this swatch.

Here it is in direct light, look at that gorgeous sparkle texture and depth!

Venus is a shifty lady, moving from blue to purple to teal, all while bolstered by a healthy dose of sparkle. Like Orion, the black jelly base helps to show off the goodies that this polish has to offer. Three coats shown in indirect light.

Here is Venus in direct lamplight.

What do you think of these beauties? I am personally loving Butt Bootie Naked (also the name is amazing). They're all so pretty though... I don't know if I can pick a definite favorite.

Lacquer Lust polishes are available in the Lacquer Lust shop and through international distributors. These particular polishes aren't in stock right now, but they aren't discontinued either, so be sure to keep up with LL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for stock updates.


  1. Orion reminds me of BarryM Black Multi Glitter ) yep, rubbish name...!! Gorgeous colours on your gorgeous (perfect) nails!! xXx

  2. BBN is awesome and I neeeeeddd her birthstone holos!

  3. Woah, Orion is such a great polish!


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