Thursday, October 10, 2013

Matte Brain Graffiti Nail Art

This nail art design reminds me of a brain, and I'm totally okay with that! I was happily doodling along, and as soon as I added the light pink doodles, I just had to stop. There was just something strangely appealing about the brainy effect. This particular shade of pink really locks it in, and I ran with it!

This is an easy design with a fun, edgy effect. Definitely appropriate with Halloween coming up! The key is to start with a matte base (completely dry, of course) so that your nail art pen flows on evenly.

I used an actual matte black polish, but you could also use a regular black and apply a matte finisher like OPI Matte Topcoat.

Then, I used three Sally Hansen nail art pens (light pink, silver, and coral I believe) to draw the doodly marks. I actually don't particularly care for the way these pens work over a glossy base; the liquid seems to contract on the smooth surface or something. HOWEVER, they work really nicely on a flat matte base. Neat!

A final coat of matte topcoat sealed the whole manicure in.

What do you think? Too weird for you, or just weird enough? Would you wear them for Halloween?



  1. Haha this is so cool. My first thought was intestines but I can definitely see the brain thing now you mention it. Perfect for this time of year.x

  2. awesomely gross- perfect for Halloween :)

  3. Great pattern! But when I read that this is halloween nails I thouhgt about intestine :D which I think counts too :)))

  4. This looks great! Somehow you manage to take random doodles and make them look so 'finished' :)

  5. What a cool look, I would totally rock this for Halloween :)

  6. wow they looks so beuatiful! I love them! thanks for sharing!i want to suggest a good address for
    vouchers uk. I hope that it will be useful for you ;)

  7. ooh thanks for the tip about trying those sally hanson pens over matte nails! I can never get them to work well for me!

  8. This definitely does remind me of intestines and brains haha :P

  9. These remind me more intestine than brains. :D

  10. They're awesome!
    When I first saw them, they made me thing chalky body outline at a crime scene... I dunno, but yeah.
    Love them!


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