Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TUTORIAL: Black Widow Spider Textured Nail Art

Just in time for Halloween, I've got a quick black widow spider nail art tutorial to share with you today. This look is definitely "creepy chic," and while it's perfect for the holiday tomorrow, it would work as an edgy manicure year round as well.

You'll need:

The recognizable black widow "hourglass" shape is accented by random, webby patterns on the other nails in this manicure. You could of course place the accent nail wherever you want! I love putting accents on my middle nail because it gives me the largest workspace.

China Glaze Bump In the Night (from the new Monsters Ball collection) worked perfectly for the textured part of this manicure. It was beautifully opaque in one coat, which is incredibly helpful in tape manicures. It dries down to a tough-yet-sexy leather finish and provides just the right amount of allure.

Now, time for the tutorial! Please let me know if you give this a try yourself, I love seeing your guys' work!

Begin by painting all your nails red. Let dry completely before moving on to the next steps! A fast dry topcoat helps to speed up the wait time here.

  1. Using your nail art striping tape, randomly block off parts of your nails. I like to use 4-5 pieces of tape per nail. Push down on the tape to ensure a tight seal with the red base.
  2. Paint directly over the entire nail using your black textured polish. 
  3. Slowly and carefully remove the striping tape, one piece at a time. 
  4. Clean up any stray bits of polish using a makeup brush dipped in polish remover.
  5. TIP: Work one nail at a time when doing this part. I achieved cleanest lines when taking the tape off very shortly after applying the texture. 

  1. Using six pieces of nail art striping tape, create an hourglass shape in the center of your accent nail.
  2. Paint outside the tape lines using a nail art brush. You may be able to use the brush that comes with the polish if you work very carefully, but I do prefer the precision of the nail art brush.
  3. Slowly and carefully remove the striping tape.
  4. Fill in the areas around the outside of the hourglass that the tape was blocking to create complete enclosure.
  5. Clean up any stray bits of polish using a makeup brush dipped in polish remover.



  1. Gorgeous! I looooove the contrast of the red and black :).

  2. Briana NailACollegeDropOutOctober 30, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    great tutorial Sarah!

  3. Thank you Deborah! I'm a fan too!

  4. Awesome anD great tutorial! I'm striping tape challenged, lol.

  5. Nice! Gotta admit, I thought you were referring to the comics character rather than the spider at first but it works either way, really. I've been wanting to do a mani for the character, and this just solidified what I've been thinking about, so thanks for the tutorial! =)

  6. Haha I was wondering if anyone would see it that way! But yes I figured it would apply to both as well. :)

  7. Love this! I'm going to have to pick up that black China Glaze! They have CG at Ulta, right?

  8. This looks gorgeous! I can't wait to try it :)

  9. I like this! I want to play more with textured + striping tape...

  10. Awesome interpretation, love it!

  11. loved that you used a texture polish!

  12. These nails look absolutely incredible. I had to click on the link to believe the thumbnail in my feedly reader! Awesome tutorial!

  13. Thanks! Make sure to come post a pic on my FB page if you give them a try!


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