Sunday, November 10, 2013

70s Crochet Chic - LCN Charade Nail Art

As I was unboxing the LCN Charade set, I was struck by how "70s chic" the colors looked together. The mustard yellow, the sage green, the burnt orange! I knew they absolutely must be used in nail art together. I ended up doing a pattern combination that made me think of that crochet blanket that you've probably seen at your grandma's house. You know which one I mean -- it's likely older than you are & probably isn't all that warm, but it's awesome looking and you know it's seen some stuff in its day.

Hopefully this manicure manages to capture the vintage feel while modernizing the style a bit.

There are four colors in the LCN Charade Collection, all named after iconic Hollywood stars.
  • Audrey is a dark, almost smoky green with subtle gold glitter.
  • Liz is a sultry berry creme shade.
  • Marilyn is a deep orange shade... perfectly fall like a pumpkin.
  • Rita is a honeyed yellow. 

Each of these shades required just two shades for opacity, including the yellow. Some of them were close to one coaters, so if you apply your coats a little heavier, you may need just one. The formulas were wonderful and smooth, nicely pigmented, and applied evenly.

I freehanded on the different patterns with my small nail art brush. I began with each nail painted a different color so they would be sure to look different from each other.

I stayed with geometric and angular patterns: dots, triangles, chevrons, squares. I think my middle finger and thumbnails turned out the best!

These polishes are available via as a box set for $24.90. You can also shop the colors individually for $7.50 per polish. If you've never tried LCN polishes and are a fan of great cremes, I'd suggest giving them a shot! I'm always pleased with their releases and the colors in the box sets always work well together in nail art.


  1. I never would have thought 70s when I saw this color set, I would've thought "fall" or something boring like that :) But I agree--70s! Love the patterns you painted on your nails.

  2. How perfect color combo! I love this set, it really captures that magic vintage times...maybe I would think of anything of the 50's with those polish names, but I think this idea of granny squares looks really amazing.

    A big hug,

  3. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedNovember 10, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    This looks awesome, love the tribal feel. My favourites designs being the thumb and middle finger ones cause of the squares, don't really know why :)

  4. These are goreous! I really like the design!
    I myself only own three LCN polishes. They came in a special edition for Mercedes Benz and my parents gifted them to me last year XD. Great polishes, i really love them!

  5. I love the earthy colors, awesome!

  6. wow. love this mani. colors are so pretty

  7. I love the fall colors on this! It is starting to feel like winter though and that is not okay!

  8. Beautiful! And what a great color collection!


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