Monday, November 25, 2013

KBShimmer Blogger Collection for Winter 2013 Swatch and Review

I'm extremely excited to share this collection with you today. KBShimmer has teamed up with 11 fantastic bloggers this winter to create a collaborative holiday collection, and I was lucky enough to be included! We all got to dream up our own holiday polish, including the name, and Christy brought them to life. I have to say I was really impressed with her understanding of my vision. She was able to get exactly what I was envisioning on basically the first try!

I Only Have Ice For You is my collaboration shade! This clear-based topper polish has small holographic glitters and icy white flakes for a quick and easy winter wonderland effect. It reminds me of a snow globe. This is just one coat over OPI...Eurso Euro. I think it has the perfect amount of coverage.

Here is a quick Instavideo of the shade so you can see the holographic sparkle.

Christmas Now is a collaboration with Crystal's Crazy Combos. This green jelly is positively packed with round glitter "ornaments" and square glitter "presents," and what's a Christmas tree without a star on top? There is a lot of glitter in this one, so take your time while applying to keep the pieces from sticking together. This is three coats.

Green Hex and Glam is a collaboration with Nails by Kayla Shevonne. This one was a surprise favorite for me. I knew it was gonna be gorgeous when I looked at it in the bottle but nothing could have prepared me for the way it would look on my nails. Definitely a must-have. Three coats here.

I'd Rather Be With Blue is a collaboration with Cosmetic Sanctuary. This shade is a bright sky blue with an iridescent shimmer and a matte finish. It's not gritty in the least. I am always happy to see indie mattes and this one is a treat! Three coats.

Merry Pinkmas is a collaboration with Let Them Have Polish! Cris has a tradition of doing pink themed holiday posts on her blog and this polish is a celebration of that. It really reminds me of peppermint -- somehow despite being pink it is still very holiday. The glitter on this one can also stick together a little bit so definitely give your manicure a few extra moments to dry between coats. Three coats shown.

Plum Tuckered Out is a collaboration with Pointless Cafe. This gorgeous deep plum color is accented by electric blue shimmer. The shimmer seems really alive and catches the light brilliantly. Perfect for those of you that love deep, vampy shades! Three coats.

Sand In My Stocking is a collaboration with The Polishaholic. This is inspired by Jen's holidays making sand-snowmen in California! Honestly this looks just like sand to me, it's brilliant. There are also orange carrot nose glitters, starfish, and aqua ocean-inspired glitters. It's totally packed with glitter. Here is one coat over OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh?.

Snow Much Fun is a collaboration with Manicurator. This crisp and icy sky blue is filled with glitters inspired by falling snow, including snowflake shaped white matte glitters. The snowflakes are SO adorable, but they are also pretty large and didn't sit flat on my nail. Just something to consider if you have curvy nails like I do! Three coats shown.

Strung Out is a collaboration with Candy Coated Tips. This black jelly polish contains circle glitter in a number of different sizes and colors as well as a sprinkling of holographic microglitter. I've shown three coats of the polish by itself here, but did end up with a TON of glitter on my nails. It would probably work best as recommended -- with one or two coats layered over black.

Toast-ess With the Mostest is a collaboration with Peachy Polish. This clear based glitter topper has pinks, silvers, and golds, and is inspired by a champagne toast. For some reason this one seemed the most suited to it's blogger, in my eyes. It's effervescent and fun! I layered it over Deborah Lippmann PYT.

Will Yule Marry Me? is a collaboration with The Nail Network. This dusty navy sparkles with silver glitter. It's really beautiful and I only needed two coats for the opacity shown here. I liked that the glitters were all small to medium sized. It worked really nicely with my curved nails.

I'm so in love with all of these polishes and was so thrilled to be able to participate. Besides my shade, I Only Have Ice For You, my official most favorite picks would have to be Green Hex and Glam, Sand In My Stocking, Plum Tuckered Out, and Will Yule Marry Me?. It's tough to pick, though! Which ones are catching your eye?

KBShimmer is available for purchase from in the US and Harlow & Co for international orders. You can also keep up with the brand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE strung out! It looks like bokeh! I don't own any KB Shimmer polishes, but I desperately need that one in my life!

  2. well i bought green hex & glam already, but i think i NEED your shade and plum tuckered out as well now :D

  3. When I first saw the press release, I Only Have Ice For You was the first polish that caught my attention. :) I ended up buying three other polishes as well and they're all beautiful.. but I can honestly say I find I Only Have Ice For You one of the most beautiful toppers I have ever seen. It's... *sigh*... like tiny sparkly bits of ice on my nails. I love it.

  4. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedNovember 25, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    Your swatches are GORGEOUS, I'm seriously loving them all. I guess if I HAD to pick it would be toastess with the mostess and merry pinkmas. Your shade is fabulous, especially the holographic sparkle!! :)

  5. Green Hex and Glam i, plum and the navy blue are gorgeous.

  6. These are all beautiful, and your nails are always so lovely! I would love it if you did a post on how you paint & photograph your nails - your nails always look perfect without looking airbrushed.

  7. I love your swatches! I just got Snow Much Fun in the mail today and already have it on :D the snowflakes stick up a bit from mine too, but two thick topcoats have gotten that under control. I did 1.5 (you know how it goes, 1 + dabbing on bits) over a nice sky blue base. Your collab shade is just stunning... I'm deciding if it's different enough from piCture pOlish Cosmos to get it too, what do you think? I probably will anyway out of sheer loyalty, lol <3 x

  8. The snowflakes are just so unique that they are a great addition to any collection!
    Thank you about my shade, I would definitely recommend picking it up if you like the effect because it is actually in a clear base! I've just shown it layered over a navy here. Super versatile!

  9. Thank you so much! Toastess is a perfect party glitter.

  10. All excellent choices if I do say so myself!

  11. Thank you Emi! I will consider doing a workflow post for sure.

  12. I just need all of these, especially Sand in my Stocking and I only have ice for you!

  13. There are so so many winners in this collection!

  14. I want ALL OF THEM :O

  15. Nails of the UnexpectedNovember 26, 2013 at 7:11 AM

    Wow! Yours looks like a nights sky - amazing! Love 'Christmas Now' too, it's really unusual!

  16. Congratulations! These are all very unique and beautiful. Nice to see a collection with so different polishes. Thank you for the information about the snowflakes. I also have curved nails, so I really wish they were smaller.

  17. Gorgeous isn't enough of a word to describe these <3

  18. Christmas Now and Snow Much Fun are so Christmas-y. Love! :)

  19. Wow what a stunning collection. I can't take my eyes off Green Hex and Glam. xx

  20. Gorgeous swatches! Snow Much Fun is definitely my favorite, but you're right - it's so hard to pick just one. I mean, Green Hex and Glam is stunning, and Strung Out is a flawless recreation of its inspiration!

  21. How many coats did you use for Toast-ess With the Mostest ? Thanks!

  22. Amazingly well done swatches and post

  23. Every single polish in this collection is simply gorgeous! I gotta have these! Toast-ess with the moistest and Snow Much Fun are my top 2 as I simply couldn't pick just 1, but I really am in love with every single nail here. Whoever wins this is so very lucky! Happy Holidays!!

  24. I'm digging your collaboration polish & Plum Tuckered Out! all of the polishes are gorgeous anyway! :]

  25. I just love all of these!! I get my nails filled elsewhere, then I come home and decorate. He always has some crude comment if I have glitter polish on. These dont seem to need umpteen coats to have a great effect. I would so love to try these!

  26. thy are the darker ones love that

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