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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Festive Green Gradient

If you follow CN on Facebook, you may have read that I was planning on doing bat nail art for today's manicure. What I ended up with has no bats! And is notably simpler!

I was going to use this as the start of my bat mani, but then I got this far and thought, "Hey, I really like this! I should just stop now." So I did. I am quite content with this.

The green and black combo still reads as Halloween appropriate to me.

Only two colors were used for this manicure: Color Club Twiggie and China Glaze Liquid Leather.

The process is pretty simple, I made this gradient with the triangle makeup sponge method. First, paint your nails with your base coat and base color (Twiggie, in this case). Give it some time to dry, or use a quick dry topcoat.

Put some of your other gradient color on a piece of wax paper. Only work with a few drops at a time, I don't want you to waste polish! Take a triangle makeup sponge and tear a little hunk off of it. Dab the textured, ripped edge into the second polish, and then dab the sponge onto the wax paper a bit to remove the excess polish. Start at your tips and sponge color downward. As the polish starts to run out on your sponge, the color will get lighter and fade (helping you create a gradient)! Repeat the sponging a few times until enough color has built up. Topcoat and you're done! Still confused? Rebecca has a great gradient tutorial that you can check out here.

Color Club Twiggie is part of the Poptastic collection. The Poptastic set can still be found at some Ross stores, even though they have more recent sets out now. Twiggie looks like it is glowing in dim light! It is not glow in the dark though, unfortunately.

Gradient manis look even more impressive when viewed at a distance. If you squint or blur your vision while you look at these pics, you can kind of get an idea of how they look at a distance. Gradients are really stunning AND easy!

Hope you like these! Halloween is sneaking up on us! Does anyone have any special Halloween day manis planned? Or exciting costumes they want to share?


  1. Looks great Sarah!!! Love the combo!!

  2. You make everything look great ! So jealous over here lol

  3. This looks sooo cool! Simple but really striking. :)

  4. I love all gradients, they're so cool!

  5. These are cool! Love the colors you choose!

  6. These are so cool and pretty. i love them! :)

  7. This is stunning, I'm bookmarking it for inspiration! xxx

  8. Very cool! Great job! I need to practice my gradients :-)

  9. I love this!!! Great sponging job!!


  10. This is awesome. I can imagine so many different color combinations to try with this. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Beautifully executed, the green pops wonderfully!

  12. Great! Look like they should be glowing!!!

  13. I tried doing a gradient with this technique on my latest mani. I needed to let the base polish dry more, but otherwise it was awesome!

  14. Great!!!!!!!!!!! Check mine :)))))))))))


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