Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glistening Spiderwebs

Another morning post, I am on FIRE!

I've got some more Halloween goodness for you today. This is just a simple little design, nothing complicated. I'm sure you've seen a million and one spiderweb designs this season, but TOO BAD! Now you have to look at mine!

For this design I started with a base of two coats of Zoya Petra. It's a really nice smoky gray purpley brownish color. I had a hard time photographing this color, because, SURPRISE, it's a purple. My camera pretty much explodes at the sight of a purple. Trust me though, it's great! I won this polish as part of a prize package for a nail art contest held by Courteney at An Amateur's Nail Obsession. I was so thankful to have won and want to thank Courteney for hosting it!

Then I took a Kiss Nail Art Striper in a gold glitter and painted on the webs. I made the vertical lines first and then the little drapey lines last. The striper was great. I was initially worried about the glitter being too sparse to be usable, but it went on so dense. I only used one stripe for each of the lines in these webs. Faboosh. The brush held the polish awesomely, too. I have tried a Sinful Colors striper before and was not thrilled with it, but this brand was way different!

Finish it off with a little topcoat (I used Poshe this time) and you're done! EASY.

There's not much more to say about this! It looks fun and sparkly from afar, almost like plaid if you squint. It was quick too, which is always a plus.

If you'd like to check out some more spiderweb manicures, Jacki from Adventures in Acetone has done a really nice one in a bit of a different style than mine, and Carly from Lacquered Lover made a cute little webby design. Check 'em out!



  1. Nice! I liked that you used gold rather than silver!

  2. I adore your mani and like the idea of linking related blog posts that you love - I may start getting more sociable on Blogger and doing just that! xx

  3. I love this!! You are on a roll. These are great!


  4. As you say, Faboosh. Simple and lovely!

  5. You chose really beautiful colors and I can't believe how you manage to do you mani so precisely. Amazing!

  6. I like it and I love the colors you chose. Very original :)

  7. You always amaze me with your art skills Sarah! And I nominated you for an award!! You can find it at this link. :)

  8. So cute! And thanks for linking it to my sad little spiderwebs haha! Yours look amazing!

  9. Great idea! Love the gold on black. Perfect for Halloween!

  10. Oh this is pretty!!!
    But I also want to tell you.
    We gave you a Liebster award on our blog!

  11. Wow xx Thats amazing xx
    You have an amazing blog x I wanted to invite you to check out my 450 follower Nars giveaway - the winner will receive £50 of Nars products of their choice xx Maybe we could follow each other through bloglovin and GFC xx Hopefully see you there soon xx

  12. Leuk gedaan
    ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx

  13. Har lite frågor om gymnasiet som jag undrar över och skulle vara jätte roligt om du tittade in och svarade på några utav dom. Har gjort två frågor på varje del, en för dom som gått gymnasiet och en för dom som ska :) Kram!



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