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Sunday, November 18, 2012

KBShimmer Winter Collection Selections

Good afternoon! Today we're going to be looking at three of the polishes from the new KBShimmer Winter Collection! I don't wanna make you wait any longer, so let's get started...

Candy Cane Crush is fantastic. That's it. It's great. With it's multiple sizes of red and white glitter, this polish could be worn year round without raising any eyebrows. It's very very dense and is scented like vanilla peppermint. I'm not normally one for scented polish but this one is divine. I kind of wish every polish smelled like it. The peppermint cuts the vanilla's sweetness without being too minty. I've shown it here over OPI Goldeneye for a majorly blingy holiday look.

Next up is Cocoa Nut! A delightful brown polish with reddish pink glitters, Cocoa Nut will make you hungry for cherry cordials. There's also a lovely gold microglitter for a bit of extra oomph. This polish has great coverage, too, needing only two coats for the photos below.

Finally we have Snow Way!, a cool sky blue base sprinkled with white glitters that mimic falling snow. This one can be a bit tricky to apply, so give it a good shake a few minutes before you start using it, apply your coats slowly, and let them dry in between. Even still, the base seems to settle down around the glitters, so you may need two coats of topcoat to smooth it out. I've shown three coats here with two coats of topcoat. I want to go twirling through the falling snow when I look at this polish. We don't have any snow in my city though so maybe that's an abnormal reaction...? ;)

Something else worth noting is that Christy has recently started using a new brush style in KBShimmer polishes. The brush is a bit wider, but not too wide! It made it easier to grab good amounts of polish and made the whole painting experience go more smoothly.

So there you have it! Which ones are calling your name?

KBShimmer is sold on the KBShimmer website and on Etsy. International polish lovers can check Harlow & Co and follow KBS on Facebook for restock news.

Products in this post were sent for review.


  1. I love them all!!! To say your swatches are PERFECT seems like an understatement lol

  2. I'm loving all the glitter polishes this season! Candy Cane Crush is AMAZING.

  3. these are gorgeous, I love the first one!

    JAzz x

  4. I like the brown one :p sooooo pretty!

  5. I LOVE snow way! It makes me excited for snow :)

  6. Snow Way is so pretty! I love the light blue mixed with the white.

  7. My favourite is cocoa nut, the combination of colours is so unexpected, and it works!

  8. Snow Way! is my favorite by far, but they're all lovely!

  9. Snow Way! and Candy Cane Crush are both gorgeous. Ack. Bye bye bank account...

  10. Lovely! Pretty much those are my top three lemmings and the one that's a toys for tots polish blanking on the name >_<

  11. Snow Way is really pretty!

    If you want to twirl in the snow, I'd love to switch places with you. The snow melted here all ready, but I have a visceral reaction to snow! I HATE (and multiply that word by one million) snow. I wouldn't live where I live if my dad hadn't plunked us down here (his excuse is he wanted to be near family; I don't buy it. I think he did it so we didn't have to move for the 12th time!) I'd much rather be in Arizona where it's hot! I love heat!

  12. I love all of them <3

  13. Kinda sad that they only ship within the US ;((

  14. I love Candy Cane crush and Snow Way. Just looking at them makes me feel all Christmasy!


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