Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Hands Nail Polish - Cult Favorites Collection

Hey guys! I have two Happy Hands Nail Polish collections to share with you today. Right now, we'll be looking at the Cult Favorites collection, and in a few hours I will have the Holiday Collection posted up.

This collection is inspired by some of Kristi and Nathan's favorite movies! I really like the little one-liners that are included with the polish descriptions, so I've included them in my text. There are some really fun polishes in here!

One thing to note is that Happy Hands has used color additive drops in a few of these polishes that make them smell a little stinky. These drops are used to tint UV gel or acrylic polishes, and I remember a similar smell from when I used to go with my mom to her acrylic nail appointments. If you have questions about the drops, contact Kristi at or through Etsy.

Black Mamba -  Revenge is a dish best served with great nails.
It's a bold red and yellow glitter topper accented by silver holographic bar glitters, or "swords" as they are described. Get it!? If you don't, you've probably never seen Kill Bill before. This polish is very dense. I used one coat over black below and had zero problems getting glitter out of the bottle.

El Duderino - This polish really ties the room together.
A red jelly base accented by gold shimmer, red, gold, and purpley glitters, Duderino reached the opacity below at 2 coats. I love the finished look of this polish; the heavy shimmer and dark glitter pieces really create a nice balance. Inspired by The Big Lebowski.

I Am Jack's Broken Heart - Well the first rule of... nevermind that.
This lovely polish is inspired by Fight Club (side note: I am a huge Palahniuk fan!). The main glitter colors in this are turquoise and purple, and they sit in a "bruise colored" base. How apropos! I've shown two coats of this polish. This is one of the ones with a rather strong smell.

Lady Goodman - I dig music.
I believe this polish is inspired by Almost Famous, though I'm ashamed to admit I can't recall ever having seen it! A lavender base sprinkled with holographic pink, purple, and gold glitters, this delicate beauty is shown below at two coats. This one has a moderately strong smell.

I love the look of these polishes. I think the Happy Hands team did a great job of creating polishes that are different but that still fit in together nicely. Which ones are your favorites?

This collection is currently sold in the Happy Hands Etsy shop. If you order soon, you can use the code "HOLIDAYS" to take 20% off of your order (see sale image), though I believe there will be a restock this weekend, too! These polishes are sold in the new tall square bottles (not too tall for a Helmer, though) with pretty kraft labels. You can also visit the brand on Facebook.

Products provided for review.


  1. Wow, another etsy store to check out that I hadn't heard of before... where do they come from?! lol.
    I really like the glitters in Lady Goodman... so pretty!

    1. I love Happy Hands! I've posted about them a few times before, if you'd like to check out those posts you can do so at this link:

      Lady Goodman is quite lovely, you're right!

  2. I just love how indie polishes is getting really popular!

  3. Really really really liked all of them =)

  4. Lady Goodman is so pretty! It's definitely my favorite of the collection.

  5. These are gorgeous.

    Lady Goodman and Black Mamba are both particularly striking, but I am a big fan of square glitter

  6. What a fun collection! I love the names and the one-liners that describe them! Great movies and great polishes!

  7. "Lady Goodman" is absolutely gorgeous!! Also my fave of the collection. I love delicate, almost nude-y glitters with a pop of color. And, yes, it is named for "Almost Famous" - a movie I must have seen close to 60 times now =) Check it out!

    I also think "I Am Jack's Broken Heart" is stunning - I love the blood red/red wine/bruise-colored base. I am just a little concerned that this one looks like it might stain - ?? I guess a good base coat would ensure against that. Thanks so much for posting these!


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