Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Pretty and Polished Mathematical! Collection

You guys know about my intense love for Adventure Time, right? Oh, you forgot? Well you can always refer to my Adventure Time nail art as a little refresher...

Anyway, I have Pretty and Polished's newest collection to share with you today, and it is the most excited I've gotten about specific indies in a while. The polishes in the collection are all based on Adventure Time characters! Not a fan of the show? Don't worry. These polishes are really really cool, even if you don't get the references.

First we have BMO Me Up! which is inspired by BMO. A dark grey flecky polish, BMO Me Up is similar to Zoya FeiFei but with a finer, smoother finish. I've used three coats here. Definitely great for winter. I love the little bits of blue here and there.

King of C-C-Cool is inspired by the Ice King. I love the look of this one, particularly the dark blue glitters in the light base. It is also accented by micro red, medium yellow hex, and white diamond glitters, perfectly capturing the Ice King. This is three coats.

My Lumps is inspired by my favorite Adventure Time character (and possibly animated character, period), Lumpy Space Princess! This one was a bit of a challenge to apply because of the amount of shards in it, but it's totally worth it in my opinion. I have nothing like this in my collection and it suits LSP so well. Because of the shards, you may need two coats of topcoat. I've shown three coats of My Lumps here, but you could also layer this over a creme for a less intense look.

Jake's polish is called I'm Not a Banana! and is amazing. This is two coats. This jelly is the orangey yellow color of Jake with black and white glitters added. It's not very opaque, rather kind of syrupy, and I love that about it. I think in this context it really works.

Peebles is the Princess Bubblegum inspired polish. It is a pink jelly with a pinky violet shimmer and pink and yellow glitters. It's a lovely shade of pink and the shimmer really shows up well. I used three coats for the depth below, but you could also layer this one over your favorite pink to spice it up a bit.

Rainy Day Lady is a multicolor glitter topper inspired by Lady Rainicorn. I love putting multicolor glitters over nudes, and Rainy Day Lady wasn't spared that fate -- I chose to layer two coats of it over OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh. I found this polish to read mostly fuchsia and green, though there are many other colors included. There are also some fun shapes and sizes like blue diamonds, satin pink squares, and jumbo red hexes.

Inspired by Marceline, Vampire Sing-a-Long is a really unique glitter topper. Shown here over Sally Hansen Wet Cement, you can see that it has purple and red micro glitters, black micro bars, purple hexes, and big black dot glitters. I found the black dots sat surprisingly flat on me, despite having pretty curved nails. I did place the dots in this manicure, but didn't have any problems finding them in my bottle.

Last but not least is The Young Hero, inspired by Finn. This is a subtle white based polish with satin green and blue glitters, plus blue and yellow microglitters. I've shown three coats here.

Did Chelsea nail it or what? I think each of these polishes is a beautiful and fun representation of its character inspiration. I think these are some of the most exciting and wonderful Pretty & Polished polishes I've seen in a while, and are a reminder of why indie polishes are so great (psst... the reason is innovation).

This collection will be sold in the new Pretty & Polished screenprinted bottles on the new Pretty & Polished website! The website will be announced tomorrow so be sure to like Pretty & Polished on Facebook so you don't miss out. It will also be released on Etsy, but this will be the last collection to be released there. Once they sell out on Etsy, the Mathematical Collection will only be available on the new site.

Products provided for review.


  1. The references are lost on me but I like Young Hero and Peebles!

  2. I la la love AT! My fav cartoon of all time. I have these to swatch too, but I always love seeing your swatches. Very nice job :)

  3. these are awesome! my daughter thinks they r awesome!!!!

  4. Awesome swatches :) I really like I'm not a banana, its really different and Peebles is cool too :) x

  5. My lumps & Rainy day Lady are my faves!


  6. I LOVE Adventure Time (and Regular Show)! So I'd get these just cause of the theme lol!!! I'm not a banana and the young hero are my favorites here!

  7. Lovedddd the yellow one!! Its beautiful =)

  8. For a minute I thought this was going to be a math related collection and I was stupidly excited (as a math major). Maybe I should name my frankens after math! :)

    They may not be math, but they are gorgeous!

  9. I loved; I'm not a banana, king of ccccool and wampire sing a long. Must-havs! :)

  10. These are all gorgeous! I love them all.

  11. Holy glob, I MUST have ALL of these! Thanks for the algebraic swatches!! :-D

  12. Oh my glob! I haven't gotten on the indie train yet. But this collection has made me hop on it. I love the ones inspired by LSP, Finn and Lady Raincorn. Great swatches

  13. Beauties! Loving King of C-C-Cool a whole lot - but the yellow one and the coral pink one also really have my eye!

  14. Um, is it possible that I love the ENTIRE collection? Hahaha, your swatches are amazing <3

  15. That blue, purple and multi glitter are gorgeous

  16. Oh, my glob! This is a great collection, even besides the hilarious inspiration. (Bacon Pancakes, anyone? Great song from Adventure Time.) My Lumps and King of C C Cool are especially drool worthy to me. Your Adventure Time mani is the first I remember of yours...I showed it to my husband and my brother and said, "You won't believe what she can do with her nails!" That's when I started following your blog. :)

  17. Does the company just send you these polishes to review? LUCKY! :D

  18. Would you do a guest post on anyone's nail blog? I'm just starting out and if you would post on my blog that would be SO AWESOME! I'm sure lots of people ask you this so if no i understand...


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